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Little tips to make your room looks spacious

Home decorating requires careful planning. One of the biggest mistakes we see is adding to many things for the room to handle. This makes the room much smaller than it actually is. You have to carefully choose the right decor so that your room is spacious. Some simple things you can do to save the most space in a room.

Polka Dots

Polka dots brings a bright shine and a fancy touch into any room for kids or playroom with the best curtain panel. This playful design features brilliant and brilliant gold dots on a sharply colored background to illuminate any space. The textured fabric allows the right amount of sunlight, while the header pocket of the rod makes it easier to maintain and style. As generally known, the bathrooms are fantastic places to be a bit eccentric, and a shower curtain at polka dots can achieve this. Since the curtain is going to be a focal point, keep your other accessories relatively simple, such as with bathroom curtains, toothbrush holders and soap dispensers.

Polka Dots Living Room Curtains
One very important thing to look at is your curtains. We generally see people making the mistake of choosing curtains, beddings and floral sheets. Not that something is wrong with floral designs, they just tend to make the room very busy and they are smaller than they actually are. The polka dot, come in simple designs that will increase the appearance of the size of the piece. All in all, the polka dot can perfectly match with the children’s room, especially the girls’. And to the boys’ rooms, nautical curtains would be a good choice.

Nautical Kids Curtains

Lighting is also very important, especially in small rooms. You want to make sure that you use gentle lighting and avoid the lamps if possible. The new energy saving light is an excellent choice because they emit fluorescent lighting and save you money on your electricity bill.

lights for small bedroom
Loft beds

One thing that is very popular in a smaller room is the loft. The low loft bed is an excellent choice and a perfect combination with polka dot curtains. They can be either loft beds that require a ladder to enter or loft beds down. The great things about these beds are storage space. It will allow you to store many things that you should have other furniture for otherwise. If it is a child’s room, the bunk beds can have a desk or a sitting area under the bed. If it is a guest room you do not want to have a loft in which requires a ladder.

loft beds
If you want to give your interior design a fun and creative boost that can work in any room, it may be time to give the polka dots a try. This emblematic print offers a variety of styles and colors, which facilitates integration into an existing plan. Polka dot will enhance the appearance of a room. This will make it more welcoming and comfortable for the one who sleeps.

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