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3 Reasons Why Your Home Could Benefit From a New roof Installation in Ann Arbor

3 Reasons Why Your Home Could Benefit From a New roof Installation in Ann ArborThe roof of the house gets as neglected during remodeling and renovation as a black sheep in the entire herd. Nobody pays much attention to the roof, due to the fact that it might appear completely fine from the front or the rear, which is why people tend to miss leakage and loose shingles due to abrupt seasonal damage.

Ann Arbor, is a reservoir of harsh weather conditions, and its fluctuations might cause severe loss of your household property and subsequent accidents and uneasiness. Redundant leakage from a 20-year old roof might become intolerant, especially when Ann Arbor is exposed to severe thunder storms most of the year. A great place to seek out quality service is from roof repair franklin.

In order to prepare yourself for the upcoming weather conditions, it is advisable to install a new roof in Ann Arbor, which is not only durable and extremely weather-resistant, but also boasts of supremacy, quality and sustainability. Many roofing companies, including a2Roofing provide inspections of roofs for maintenance, repairs and potential replacements with a quote or a rough estimate.

In addition to a new coat of paint this season to your stained walls, we have mentioned 3 reasons as to why your house could benefit from a new roof in Ann Arbor below.


The weather in Ann Arbor, Michigan, tends to take Mother Nature quite seriously, which is you’re your roof might become accustomed to wear and tear if it is old enough and not upgraded with the latest roofing technologies to sustain the weather hazards. Apparently, shingles can be replaced quite perfectly by a roofing expert, and trying this at home might cause your awning or chimney to come crashing down.


Roof installation companies like a2Roofing provide their customers with an estimate after inspecting their roof for leakage and draining, seasonal wear and tear, and of course, other problems such as vent booting and ice dam build-ups. Inspection of your house’s roof at least twice a year is highly necessary, since it allows the inspector and of course, you, to get aware of the issues that need to be taken care of immediately.

Most roofing agencies install new roofs with shingles that come with warranties that might last for 50 years or more. This not only increases the value of the house, but also allows you to climb the social calendar, thus paving way for better leads when considering house sale opportunities.


By installing new roof in Ann Arbor, you could also protect your home from vandalism and burglars. Old roofs are immensely vulnerable, which means that burglars and vandals can use their weak points such as cracks, large holes or unhinged roof latches to break into your house. This is also a major factor which allows you to rethink and reschedule a roof inspection. Not only does a roof inspection benefit you from detection of leaks, drains, cracks, and damaged vents and skylights, it might also provide you peace of mind and assure amidst protection.

A2roofing is equipped with certified and trained roofing professionals who not only thoroughly analyze your roof, but also provide you with lifetime warranties and adequate contact information to refer to for a quote. With services open for residential and commercial settings alike, and a contract that aims to fulfill your expectations with a money-back guarantee, we don’t see why you’d even think twice before going for a new roof in Ann Arbor.

2 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why Your Home Could Benefit From a New roof Installation in Ann Arbor

  1. I have been thinking about getting a new roof installed. It is good to know that I should think about looking at the warranty on the roof. It seems like a good thing for me to do because I would want to be covered if something goes wrong.

  2. Great Post! It can help find problems on roof before they cause bigger problems or maybe even jeopardize the safety of family. Some of the problems on roof can be controlled with the naked eye, such as leaks, however, there may also be some problems that can not be easily controlled. If the roof is installed by a professional, you can protect your family and even your property.

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