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It’s Baby Shower Time! 4 Things to Splurge on & 4 Ways to Save

After a daunting nine months of pregnancy, comes the most exciting and stressful part – the birthing. But a few weeks before your due date comes a celebration like no other. It is a party but without beer and loud music, only sheer bliss, gifts, thankfulness, and warmth – baby shower.

A baby shower is a celebratory event held for an expecting mother usually in their third trimester. This occasion can be traced back in ancient Egypt when new mothers are offered sumptuous food and drink after two weeks of isolation following the labor and delivery. Thankfully, we don’t do such a thing anymore and have moved on to a more modern style of partying with games, snacks, décor and other activities.

If you happen to be the chosen organizer for your friend’s baby shower, then your first step is probably knowing the budget. It dictates the scope and limitation of the party. And just like any party, it can be confusing what aspect of the baby shower to splurge and where to save. To guide you in organizing this meaningful occasion here are some suggestions that can help you decide where to go all out and where to be economic.

It’s Time To Splurge…


An occasion, whether it’s a birthday, graduation or wedding, is marked by an impressive baked creation – cake. A cake can set up the tone of the celebration and so it is important not to be cheap on this aspect. Not only is it edible but a cake also serves as a decoration in a baby shower. So go ahead and set a good amount of budget for it because it is going to be the centerpiece of the venue. Make sure it is as delicious as it looks like.

Some of the décor

Your decorations correspond to the theme and you or the mother-to-be should be decisive on this one. Whether you choose a sailor theme, tropical decor, all-blue or a simple white, a theme is important to have in your baby shower.

If you have a theme to follow, now comes the decorations. You can splurge on this since it is going to be a major factor of the atmosphere of the party. Flowers can be a huge part of the decor, whether they are for centerpieces or even an archway entrance, you should not skimp here. If you want an elegant shower, invest in pretty linens.

Personalized Decor

A personalized decoration can be anything between a set of balloon spelling out the baby’s name, flower arrangements, parent’s chair or table and the gift table. These items are some of the things you can personalize for the parents-to-be. In addition, you can order a towering diaper cake. Not something you can eat, but a sure attention grabber and a great centerpiece to start a conversation.


Hire a photographer for the event or better yet a photo booth service. You do not have to stress yourself out on how and when to take important events in the baby shower. Just let the professionals do their job and capture wonderful memories immortalized in photos. A photo booth can serve as one of the best parts in the event as guests can come and go with their own photos personalized with borders and message from the parents.

Ways to Save…

Some of the decor

You can get away with a little trick from napkins to boost up your décor in the table. There are many ways to fold a napkin and create a themed décor. The internet is full of tips and tricks on how to make napkins into an extravagant tabletop décor. Not only are napkins cheap, but they are going to be useful in the table for cleaning up after meals.

Plates, Utensils

The usual food and snack served at a baby shower is either brunch, lunch or finger foods. And those are usually light meals and you can get away with using disposable tableware to reduce some cost. One tip I can share is choosing solid colored party tableware set as it can set the price lower compared to party themed counterparts.


The snack depends on the time of your party. If your baby showers start around brunch or lunch, you can serve fruit and veggies. Give your guests a personal veggie cup and encourage them to mingle and make friends amongst themselves. In terms of food, it is all about the presentation.


Games are usually what brings life and fun to any party and a baby shower is no exception. It sets the mood of the guest. I highly suggest trying out baby shower bingo, where guest will try to calculate and guess which gifts from the registry will be opened and the first one to make a straight line wins.

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  1. Baby shower ceremony for an expecting mother is usually conducted in the seventh or nine months of the gestation period. It is of utmost importance in the Maharashtrian culture where an auspicious day is chosen for a special Puja.

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