Best Small Pet Fish to Buy In 2019

An estimation of over 11.5 million households in America owns at least one freshwater fish or gaggle of fishes. Because of this, pet fishes are regarded to be the most significant portions of pets owned. A Nano aquarium is considered the best option for handling this set of fishes. Not all fish can fit perfectly into a Nano aquarium, but some other pet fish is quite easy to get and also find it easy to settle into a new environment. To get the best small pet fish to buy in 2019, a selection of excellent options are listed below:

1) Danios

The unique zebra-like color pattern on the fish allows it to be called the “Zebrafish.” With a gentle nature existing in the traits of the fish, they tend to live comfortably in a tank with many other fishes. Keeping the tanks of the fish for as little as five gallons is okay, but the Danios prefer to have enough space to themselves. For Nano tanks in house, a temperature of about 650-770 °F is recommended along with a filter.

2) Gourami

The Gourami is known for having a bright iridescent and bright color on its body. Sometimes called the Pygmy Gourami, these fish are known to have a better chance of survival when placed in small groups. Therefore, it is recommended to keep them as separate as possible.

3) Lampeye Killifish

The Lampeye Killifish is one of the significant pet fishes that are known to thrive mainly in Nano aquariums. Being a freshwater fish, they have a flexible, quiet, and peaceful nature that allows them to succeed in any weather condition. With their length occurring at a maximum of 1.5” in length, this group prefers a small company. Having a Nano aquarium with many live plants allows for a long lasting life span of the Lampeye Killifish.

4) Red Cherry Shrimp

Nana aquariums in homes are not mostly about shrimps, but the red cherry shrimp is one of a kind. These species comes as an easy pick for individuals looking to start a Nano aquarium in their homes. They can quickly adapt to various weather conditions. They are also known to reproduce quite rapidly. It is best advised not to allow these shrimps to be kept in the same tank as fish as this will result in them ending up as food.

5) Neon Tetra

The vibrant bright colors in the Neon Tetra fish is one of the reasons why it is one of the typical freshwater fishes in the world. At a tiny size of 1.8 cm – 2.2 cm in length, the fish lives well enough in any tank and under any condition. They do love to be kept in groups and, as such, do not require a lot of energy and time to maintain. Using soft but acidic water allows them to live well under extreme tropical heat variances. Being an omnivore, they accept almost anything, including shrimps, plants, brines, insects, and worms.

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