Food Decoration: Ways to Make Your Kids Eat Healthy Food

We live in the world where our children watch TV most of the day. Food giants use commercials to present their unhealthy products in a way which looks appealing to our children. According to World Health Organization, the number of obese children will continue to grow in each upcoming year. As a parents, it’s your job to protect your child and improve its diet. Eating healthy food can be fun, especially if you find a way to present it to your child as something eye-appealing. Here are several ways in which you can make your kids eat healthy food.

Food Decoration: Ways to Make Your Kids Eat Healthy Food

A smiley for a smile

When preparing breakfast and dinner for your children, take a few extra minutes and play with their food. Cut veggies and fruits and create figures and smiley faces. Place them carefully on their plates and watch closely for your child’s reaction. Not only will your child find it appealing, but the food will make even the toughest child smile. This is one of the best ways to have fun and ensure that your child eats healthy food. A smiley face for a smile.

Food Decoration: Ways to Make Your Kids Eat Healthy Food

Fruit pops instead of lollipops

If you want to get super creative, prepare fruit pops for your child. They are easy to make and require just a bit of your time and imagination. For starters, pick the fruits you desire and slice them into big pieces. Next, take cookie cutters and start making shapes. Finally, put these freshly cut fruits on a lollipop stick and serve them as candy. Before you realize it, they’ll be all gone. Better take a picture in advance, as there won’t be any evidence left once the kids are done with it.

Food Decoration: Ways to Make Your Kids Eat Healthy Food

Familiar shapes

Every meal should have something eye-catching in order for kids to eat it. If you have enough time and energy, you can play around with veggies and create art. Use old molds and start cutting cucumbers and bread into slices. Before you know it, you’ll become an expert. Start with simpler things such as a sailing boat for breakfast (bread slices, cheese and veggie addition), and work your way towards more complicated designs. Children love eating food that reminds them of something familiar. If you manage to recreate their favorite shapes, you’ll get them to eat pretty much anything.

Food Decoration: Ways to Make Your Kids Eat Healthy Food

Remember Angry Birds?

Every kid knows about these cute little creatures. There’s a high chance that your child has a t-shirt or a toy branded with Angry Birds. You can use that in your advantage and throw a themed party. Let everyone know that the birds are coming. Start with round slices of bread; throw in some green salad and create their nests. Next, use pepperoni and cheese to recreate the characters. Once done, decorate the plates with fruits which will represent the eggs. These “angry” snacks will become every child’s favorite and the party will rock on!

Food Decoration: Ways to Make Your Kids Eat Healthy Food

Blend fruits and veggies together

If you take a trip to any of the stores that are selling appliance parts, you’ll find out that there are many that can be very useful when trying to trick your child into eating healthy food. For instance, you can use blender and mix together all kinds of veggies and fruits. Aim for a thick mixture and if you have any, add natural juice just to give it a fresh aroma and a familiar smell. Children are fond of smelling the food before eating it, so anything that smells familiar will do the trick. These mixtures can be vitamin bombs your child desperately needs. Remember to add bananas, for they give every mixture a fine and sugary taste.

Before you realize it, you will become an expert in crafting fine looking meals. Your kids will love it and what is more important – eat everything. Play with food, set your creativity free and help your child develop into a healthy and strong person.

About author: Tracey Clayton is a full time mom of three girls. She feels she knows a thing or two about raising happy, healthy and confident kids, and offers helpful advice in hers parenting articles. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.”

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