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How To Look Good Without Breaking The Bank

When you leaf through the pages of glossy, high fashion magazines, it could be easy to start thinking that fashion is only for the rich. But it really isn’t. You don’t need to spend $3000 on a pair of boots to have people looking at your stride as you strut down the street. That $950 winter hat? Forget it. You can completely eradicate the thought of that “bargain” $250 pompom key-ring for your car keys. Use the glossies for inspiration, by all means. That’s what they’re there for. But chances are you can find or make pretty similar items for a tiny percentage of the price. So, now you’re prepped and ready to do some thrifty shopping, follow our guide to making canny shopping decisions.

How To Look Good Without Breaking The Bank


Sewing may come across as difficult. Lucid memories of that girl in the year above running her finger through the machine in textiles class might haunt your mind. But fear not. It’s actually quite simple. Invest in a decent sewing machine with an over-locker. This might be a relatively big spend, but it will save you so much money in the long run. There are plenty of free or cheap classes on offer, so check out what’s available in your local area and enroll on one. These will teach you the basics. How to set up the machine. How to hand stitch. The best way to make alterations. How to go about putting a zip into your clothing. Once you’ve got your sewing skills down to a tee, you can go about making your own items from scratch. This will be a lot cheaper than high street prices. It will also give your clothes a unique and individual touch.


Thrift Shop

The thrift shop has long been a savior of the indie student. Strapped for cash and wanting an alternative look? Then you need look no further than your local charity shops. You might be surprised. Plenty of stores take in designer goods and sell them on at low prices. There will also be a lovely range of vintage items. Be sure to try things on before you leave and if something doesn’t fit, don’t cast it away immediately. It might be able to be altered. A missing button or a loose zip are minor issues which can be easily fixed.



Make use of coupons. Keep an eye open in magazines, newspapers and online. There are plenty of physical coupons and coupon codes out there. They can save you a fortune as the amount you use increases. Check out sites such as Stylini for your H&M Coupon Code, among many others.


An easy way to freshen up your wardrobe is swapping your unworn or unwanted garments with someone else. Ask your family and friends around to sift through your things and see if there’s anything they’d like to swap for. Apps such as Depop also see people swapping old belongings for something they’ve sought after for a long time. Your clothes will go to a more loving home, and you will have a whole new collection to pick from in the mornings.

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