How to Choose the Best Name for Your Dog

So, you’ve decided to get a dog. How exciting! We bet you and your family can’t wait to meet your new furry friend and give them a forever home. Now comes the tricky part: how should you name your dog?

The answer may not be that simple. Max or Bella may be too common, Mr. Snuffles too bizarre, and Mark or Chris – too human. What now?

Don’t worry! We prepared a list of six tips that should help you come up with just the right name for your new dog. If you want to find out more, keep on reading!

Stick With Two Syllables

Let’s start with the basics. A good name for your dog should easily roll out of your tongue. Long and complicated names are a pain to repeat over and over; that’s why it’s best to stick with names that are only two syllables long.

While you’ll be restricted by the length of the name, other factors provide you with almost endless options. Do you want to keep it original? Spanish dog names or other foreign names might be appealing to you because they’re so unique. Not a fan of traditional names? Opt for a fun noun instead. Before you make your final decision, say the name out loud to see if you like it.

Pick a Name That Ends With a Vowel

This simple rule has much more to it than you’d think. Names that end with a vowel force you to slightly change your tone. This makes a huge difference to dogs, as they can hear and distinguish sounds and frequencies at much higher levels than humans. As such, if you were to call out to your dog, you would get their attention easier.

While this rule works for names that end with any vowel, it’s the names that end with the sound “e” that will get your dog’s attention the fastest. What’s so special about names like Toby, Normie, or Trixie? The sound “e”, spoken with the right intonation, has the highest frequency that can spark your dog’s interest almost instantly.

Avoid Names That Are Similar to Commands

Think about this: you want your dog to listen to you and be obedient. Many dog owners train their pups, and it’s very satisfying to see your dog reacting correctly to commands you give them. However, if you want your four-legged friend to listen to you, you have to be clear.

You may wonder how exactly you can mess this one up. Let’s take a look at some of the commands. You’ll probably use “sit” or “stay” the most. If you give your dog a name that’s similar to these commands, such as Sid or Ray, they might get confused. That’s why you should pick a name that sounds completely different.

Choose a Unique Name If You Have Other Pets

If you have more than one pet already, chances are you can find many names that could rhyme with their name. Some people love when their dogs have matching names, like Holly and Molly or Teddy and Freddy. However, in this case, the situation is similar to the one with commands.

As we mentioned earlier, your dog must be able to understand you in order to listen to you. If you give them a name that’s similar to one that your other pet has, things can get really confusing. Think about this, especially if you’re getting a puppy. You’ll have to teach them everything and treat them almost like a child. Your new dog has much to learn – make the job easier for them and give them a unique name to avoid making them “heckin’ bamboozled.”

Avoid Names With Negative Connotations

This one is really a no-brainer – you don’t want to attract weird looks by naming your dog after something that’s considered to be offensive or vulgar. While it may seem like a fun choice, trust us, it really isn’t. There are so many safe options up for grabs, and you can come up with your own name as well.

Consider Your Dog’s Personality

What if you don’t want to give your dog a traditional name? Maybe you prefer to use a cute noun or adjective that describes your new pet the best? It’s a great option as well – you don’t have to choose a name from a list. If you want, you can come up with a completely new name or opt for less popular ideas.

You can pick a name for your dog depending on their looks or personality, like Fluffy or Happy. The sky’s the limit, and it’s up to you which way you go when it comes to your pup’s name.

The Bottom Line

Picking a name for your new dog can be so much fun! Your choices are almost endless, and it may be difficult at first to settle on just one. However, the tips we mentioned above should help you make the best decision.

Obviously, you can go with your gut and choose a name that doesn’t follow any of these guidelines (well, maybe at least stick with the non-offensive rule). And that’s alright! After all, it’s your dog, and you know them – or will get to know them – best. Have fun with your new four-legged addition to your family!

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