How to choose the right car for your family?

Choosing the right car when you’re a young, new family is a complicated process. Usually, we’re undecided between wanting to keep a fast make mode, but young families now involve room for car seats and additional safety features. That said, deciding on which car to buy can take years as is oftentimes the wrong choice, however, there are a few key things you should consider in order to make the process easier, faster and maybe less expensive too.

It goes without saying that running our children around for their activities, shopping around, or taking the pet to the vets can all be part of family life and the life of your new family car. That said, it’s worth choosing the right family car to suit all of your needs.

What Type of Car Suits Your Family’s Needs?  

It’s vital to make a judgement call when selecting a family vehicle in terms of safety, size, economy and practicality.

When you’re thinking about having a family, you’re faced with a numerous question you have to ask yourself. Is your current household big enough? How will you succeed in balancing both work with having a newborn? And, of course, what you can do about your car?

Your old second-hand hatchback or the sporty little two-seater you enjoy that you’ve had for some time may be the right choice for you and your spouse, but it also may soon no longer suit your family needs. With that in mind, you’ll need to find the perfect vehicle that will fit not only your little one needs, but also your family as it grows larger and older over the years. Here are some of the questions you may need to ask yourself when planning to purchase a new car for your family.

Is it safe enough?  Does my current car provide enough protection?

Is it big enough? You have to be sure your car provides enough space for the buggies, all the bags and the myriad of accessories your newborn needs and most important you have to be sure you’ll have enough space for your little ones.  

How many children do I want? 

It might sound like a very serious question, but whether you like it or not, this is imperative for when you plan to purchase a new car. If you plan on buying a new car before your little one arrives, you will need to ask questions about how many children will one day be seated in your new car.

Additionally, you may also have to question what day to day goings-on you will be using your new car for. We have all been through the school run or weekly shopping, but will you be using the new vehicle for work?

Set A Budget

Unless you want to pay in cash for your new car, you’ll have to think about backing your purchase or lease. How much can you actually afford to make monthly payments? As a general rule, your monthly car payment should not surpass your monthly income. For instance, if you plan on buying a used car, the same rule applies. But if you’re planning to lease, and the new lincon suv for sale looks promising enough for your family needs, seek for a monthly that is less than 10% of your income. Additionally, you also want to consider an extra 7% of your monthly take-home to cover expenses such as insurance costs and fuel. That said, knowing your budget as early as possible will help you when negotiating your next vehicle.

Still unsure about what cars fall under your monthly income? No worries – you can use an affordability calculator to list all vehicles that fit the budget you’ve established.


Practicality may seem a whole different thing for a different family, but if you’re used to one type of family car, then maybe it’s a great idea to stick with that one. Do you want plenty of in-car entertainment to distract your children on your next family trip? Is GPS good enough for your needs? Make sure you take your time to choose what actually suits your family’s needs and purposes. Contrary to what you might have heard it isn’t very bad thinking about that fast car you dreamed about as a teenager, however, unless it suits your family purposes, finances and practicalities you will just have to dream on. With that in mind, in the not so distant future, you may actually have to spend time teaching your teenager how to drive, which is another important factor you might need to consider when searching for the perfect family car.


If you plan long journeys with your dear ones, then comfort should not miss from your priority list. Most certainly you don’t want to hear everyone in your car complaining after only half an hour because of being bored or cramped.

Arguing with your children about petty and trivial matters can be a serious distraction while driving. So when you’ve already figured out what model you want, make sure the seats are comfortable and that everything is within easy reach.

Look for Child-Friendly Features

When it comes to children, there are two important factors you might need to consider – noise and mess. Precisely these two things you have to bear in mind when choosing the right car. For instance, the material. Is it easy to clean, should there be any drink and food spilt or something altogether? But while you may want to dodge buying seats covered in easy-wipe plastic, you should think again about choosing the fancier leather or cloth seating that is more likely to get stained.

Running Costs

Along with the initial purchase price you should also consider the running costs. Is it necessary to sort out an estimate of fuel consumption along with insurance, road tax and other maintenance costs to ensure you’re purchasing a car you actually afford to drive. Where to start? Always to a finance check, test drive the vehicle and ask a reliable mechanic to look at the car before purchasing it.

Buying a new family car can be a truly enjoyable experience when you already know what you want, however, is an experience that will be expected to go the extra mile. 

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