Can You Do VoiceOvers While Travelling–How To

One benefit of becoming a voiceover artist is that you can travel the world and keep your job with you. This is one reason many young people with magnificent voice acting skills are looking to voiceover as a career. We live in a world where remote jobs have become more popular than ever, and more people are looking for ways to break away from the conventional and move to unconventional careers like voiceover.

However, many beginners may not know that it is possible to record voiceovers while travelling. Well, if this sounds like a situation you are in, we put this article together just for you.  In this article, you will find how to do voiceovers while keeping things professional.

Travel with your recording gear

If you plan to continue recording voiceovers even while you are on holiday in another country, then you need to pack some of your recording gear. But not all your home recording studio set up (just the basic ones). You want to make sure you travel light, besides; travelling with your expensive gear may cost you more if they get damaged or lost in transit. Your essential travel recording setup should include a microphone, laptop, and headphones. You can always get creative with voiceover studio set up when recording while travelling.

Locate a quiet space

One thing that can ruin your recordings is if you are trying to create voiceovers in a noisy environment. But sometimes, you are not sure about the noise levels of your accommodation at your destination. If you are staying at a hotel, choose the room at the top floor—this means you need not deal with noise coming from the rooms directly above you. And if you must record in your car, find a parking area far from the highway or busy streets.

Recording Studio set up

Since you are not travelling all your pro recording gear, you need to be creative and use a DIY approach. For instance, to record voice-overs free from noise, you can build your sound absorbing wall by using a blanket and pillows. If you are staying in a hotel, stack the pillows to create a wall, and then cover your head and the microphone with the duvet. This is a creative way to set up your recording booth that is almost as good as what you have at home. 

Internet access is important

Since you will record voiceovers for your clients while travelling, being able to communicate with them (emails and other means) is very important. The only way to ensure that you are one click away from your clients is by securing internet access wherever you go. Therefore, you need to do enough research about your travel destination and hotels to ensure they have good internet access. If you are travelling to a remote location, sending your demo reels to voiceover talent websites like will be impossible. The internet is important in ensuring that you can make money from your voiceover business while travelling.

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  1. Those tips are useful. When traveling I do remember these tips. Can you tell me which recording device is good for setup as I really need a good base of sound for my videos?

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