6 Gifts for the Food Lover

Finding the right gift for the foodie in your life can be a tough task. A foodie is someone who knows their stuff, from kitchen gadgets to delicious and easy dinner recipes. This can make it difficult to find something they don’t already have. Below are some of the best gifts for your food lover, whether it’s a great stocking stuffer or something yummy they can incorporate into their everyday cooking. Look no further for some thoughtful presents to spoil your friends and family!

Fruit Basket

When you want to make a great impression, a fruit basket is the way to go! A fruit basket is a one of a kind creation that may include apples, pears, oranges, grapes, bananas, and other more exotic fruits. You can customize a fruit basket any way you would like for example, you can add cookies, chocolate, champagne, wine and cheese. 


Food lovers love to try new spices and seasonings. Visit a specialty spice shop (lots online to choose from) to find all sorts herbs, spices, and blends to tempt one’s palate. You have options, if you are looking for inexpensive, a small jar of spice is a wonderful gift. If you are buying a more expensive gift, you can choose from gift boxes filled with assorted spices. 

Pepper Jelly

Homemade pepper jelly is perfect for snacks, appetizers and entertaining. You can serve with cream cheese and crackers with a dollop of our Pepper Jelly. You can gift one jar as a special treat or a variety pack to keep the foodie satisfied for months. 

Food Scale

A good food scale is a secret weapon for consistent cookies, perfectly risen bread, or a lofty souffle. It gets baking down to a science, offering precision that rivals the best measuring cups and spoons. Prices vary from $10 to about $60. 

Monthly Clubs

Find the perfect gift baskets for all occasions, filled to the brim with gourmet monthly subscriptions. You can subscribe to monthly cheese clubs, wine, beer, coffee, hot sauce. There is something for everyone. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. 

Personalized Cutting Board

Personalize a cutting board with your foodie’s name, favorite word, or special date for a sentimental addition to the kitchen. With gorgeous looking designs and an affordable price, why wouldn’t you give this thoughtful and functional gift? Let your foodies passion for cooking be fueled even more with this gift.

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