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Earning Money When You’re At Home With An Injury

There’s nothing more annoying than suffering from a personal injury that means that you are off work for a while. It’s actually a problem for many people, especially those who are not earning enough money to constantly have savings. When you are laid off from work, money is the biggest problem, because it’s something you need to get by day today. It’s not just medical bills or the pain that is a worry but when you’re out of work because of an injury, you have to be able to keep up with your mortgage, insurance, car payments – you get it; every single payment you make becomes a struggle.

Being able to earn money when you’re at home with an injury is going to depend on the nature of your injury and the nature of your job. For example, if your injury prevents you from doing physical jobs, but you have a trade, that’s going to be a struggle. If your injury was something that happened on the working site, then Thomas Law offices can help you to determine whether or not you have a case and therefore will have a payout at some point. If you have insurance, you’ll be able to draw from that to help you to get by day today. However, earning some money when you’re at home with an injury needs to be a priority for you and here are just a few of the ways that you can add some money if you find yourself out of work.

Start an online store

When you’re at home and you can’t go out to work, your biggest outlet for the outside world is the Internet. The Internet can be your very best friend if you find yourself out of work because there are plenty of ways for you to make money online. Go through what you have at home, from the basement to the attic. If you have things you never use, go through your junk and see what you can get rid of. Get yourself on eBay or Craigslist and see whether or not you can sell all your things for some extra cash. If you’ve done all that, head to the cheaper websites, buy furniture, fix it up and sell it on. If you know how to make things, you can use sites like Etsy to sell what you make and you can even go to local markets and sell there, too. Selling online is a good way to have some money when you really need it.

Speak to your lawyer

We mentioned making a case earlier on, and depending on how and where you were injured, you may have a legal case to make. Not everyone is familiar with legal processes and not everyone wants to deal with them, but filing a case could be in your very best interest. When you have a legal team backing you, you can have a higher chance of getting some money to compensate you for the injury. If it’s put you out of work entirely, you can get the income that you would’ve missed.

Rent out your spare room

Your home is still a great asset for you to make some more money and it’s still going to be your home. If you have a spare bedroom, rent it out and get a lodger. This income is to be almost as passive as you want it to be because you wouldn’t have to do anything to really make arrangements. This means that while it may not be the most comfortable of options for you, you might find it the easiest option. It doesn’t have to take up a lot of your time, either. You can still earn an income around renting out your spare room and that could be an income, too.


If you have a skill that you know you can sell and you know that you are marketable, you can freelance your expertise. Take a moment to think about the things that you’re good at – especially if you know how to write content. Websites everywhere looking for graphic designers, marketers, writers – you name it, you can do it. You can then go onto platforms like Upwork or Fiverr that you can offer your skills and earn some money from your computer.

Head to CrowdSource

If there are small tasks and writing jobs that you want to get involved in, you can use your laptop to head to websites that will pay you to do the work. There are even sites like Project Payday, you can get paid for giving testimonials. You don’t have to give up hope about your income just because your job is no longer feasible for you. Personal injuries can be overcome, and there are always ways and means.

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