Best Place to Take Photo with your Spouse in the UK

Are you thinking of beautiful natural backdrops to take pictures with your spouse in the UK? You shouldn’t sweat over this as there are many scenic views in the UK. 

This remarkable country boasts stunning landscapes that can serve as a romantic getaway spot and a romantic shoot location for couples. So, sit tight; let’s walk you through the best 8 places to take romantic pictures with your spouse in the UK. 

But, before we proceed, if your spouse is yet to join you in the UK, consult an expert for UK spouse visa application. Let’s begin!

1. Durdle Door, Dorset

Durdle is a lovely place for couples to capture the moments after a relaxing stroll. Couples can take captivating pictures close to the beaches at Jurassic coasts. It makes an excellent location for your anniversary, a casual romantic getaway, or you want to capture the moment. The beautiful landscapes are a great setting that compliments your beautiful smiles to give the image a spark.

2. City of Bath, Somerset

Ever thought of taking pictures at a spa? You should consider it. The historic city of Bath hosts the famous Roman baths. So, whether you choose to spend a relaxing moment in the bath, go for a session, or take pictures, the city of Bath has it all for you and your significant other. 

Aside from the baths, the town has historic shops, restaurants, bars, and picturesque terrains. Couples can visit the Thermae bath spa, lounge in the rooftop pool, and capture the moments as they enthrall the captivating city view.

3. Scilly Isles, Cornwall

Ever wanted to enjoy the beauty of a beach island alone with your spouse? The Scilly Isles offer you the luxury of privacy. This makes it possible to take fascinating photos without interruptions. You can capture the moment as you go on a ferry ride on the waters or take a gentle stroll across the beach.

So, if you are planning to bring your spouse over to London, the Scilly Isles is an excellent destination for you to have a great time and build memories. If this is your first time bringing your spouse over, it is advised you seek immigration assistance.

 4. Peak District, England 

At Peak District, prepare to take photos on long hikes. Interestingly, there is less footfall and fewer distractions. The hills serve as beautiful backgrounds for your couple’s pictures. Here at peak district, you’ll find Bakewell’s Lovelock Bridge. 

At the bridge, you can seal your love and take a picture of it, or you can hold your partner’s hands and take pictures. Couples can visit at night and gaze at the beautiful skies filled with illuminating stars. As a plus, the night light and stars would also make an excellent theme for your photos

5. Crystal Palace Park, London

Crystal Palace Park is picturesque natural scenery that is a top choice for inexpensive dates and picnics. You can take exquisite portraits using the park as a backdrop. Couples can take beautiful photos as they stroll along the boulevard and walk hand-in-hand. Overall, the park is an English garden to experience an Englishman romance.

6. The Shard

The Shard, also known as the Shard of glass or the Shard London bridge is an intriguing place to visit with your spouse. You can take pictures as you enjoy the overall view of London from the revealing glass. Couples can capture the moments as they get lost in each other’s eyes. Post those romantic pictures and videos, and you’ll be surprised by the amount of Instagram likes you will receive.

7. Shrewsbury, Shropshire

At Shrewsbury, you can visit and take photos at the Cafe bar inside the Market Hall. The market hall is stunning and a place worthy of the backdrop of your pictures. You can also snap photos as you take strolls across the alleys and streets, walk down the river, or as you jump over stone pavements.

8. Tintagel, Cornwall

Enjoy a sunny day with your lover as you take romantic strolls across this beautiful town. A top choice is to check out Castles or visit the secret waterfall nearby. Taking pictures here is exciting, as the picturesque views add more colour to portraits. 

The hidden waterfall of St. Nectan’s Glen is also mesmerising. You can take photos as you walk past the long trail of water that cuts across the delightful forest till you get to the hidden water cascades that gush from the rock. 

The Wrap

Pictures are a great way to reminisce and experience the past. The UK has stunning locations and landscapes that brighten your couple’s photos. You can start by visiting any of the sites listed above, experiencing the scenery, and capturing the moment with your spouse. 

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