6 Tips to Unleash Your Inner Cleaning Queen This Spring

Off goes the winter, and in comes the spring. When you peek outside, you see flowers blooming, trees budding, birds chipping, winter ice melting and the ground thawing. Everything around you seems to be over the winter mood, but you are yet to get in the dancing mood like the flowers outside.

The cold and dark days of the winter can make you be in a bad mood and tired, leaving you less motivated to spring clean your home. However, there is a way around this and to unleash your inner cleaning queen. All you need is a few tips to beat the winter blues and get you in the mood to tackle your spring cleaning successfully.

Below are 6 tips to unleash your inner cleaning queen this summer.

Create a Fun Playlist

Before the physical battle comes the battle of the mind. To get in the spring-cleaning mood, you first need to be mentally prepared. Spring cleaning does not have to be all dull. You can inject some fun into it by creating a playlist of your favorite music. Playing music elevates your mood and helps you transition into spring mood, making the tedious cleaning obligations fun.


You may be in the mood for a deep spring clean, but one thing stands in your way of having a sparkling home – the enormous task ahead. If you are not prepared, you may dread the chores and put off doing them another day. After stalling several times, you start thinking how things would be different had you not stalled, but now the guilt is killing you because the cleaning task has grown.

To combat procrastination, plan and break down the colossal spring-cleaning task into smaller tasks, such as a 12-step cleaning process where the jobs are easy and quickly achievable.

Have all the Necessary Cleaning Supplies Ready

Now that you have a plan of how you will achieve the task ahead, it is time to purchase the necessary cleaning supplies. Proceeding with cleaning without the required supplies will have you doing a shoddy job.

Grab your wallet or purse and head to the store. Stock up on a pair or several pairs of rubber gloves, glass cleaner, disinfecting spray, trash bags, microfiber cloths, scrub brush and other spring-cleaning supplies you may need.

Declutter Before You Begin

In the days preceding the D-day, declutter your home. Clutter adds to the cleaning work and may tire you even before you start the actual cleaning. Eliminate things you do not need by throwing them in the trash or donating them to charity. Recycle your old iPad and other gadget to get extra income. For the items you still have use for, sort them into various well-labelled boxes.

Eliminate Distractions

Before you roll up your sleeves and get your head in the game, eliminate anything that might distract you from the cleaning process. Turn off the TV not to get distracted by that TV show you like, turn off the internet connection and switch off your phone and laptop not to get distracted by social media notifications. Doing so will help you avoid stopping in the middle of tasks to quench your distractions.

Time You Tasks

Now that the time has come and your mood is set, slip on your gloves and get going. To avoid overdoing some tasks more than others and getting tired before you are done, time your tasks. Allocate each task 15 to 30 minutes, depending on its magnitude. Timed tasks are easily manageable and enjoyable to do.

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