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Decorate Your Child’s Room With Affordable Furniture & Decals

This post is sponsored post written by me on behalf of Mom It Forward via South Shore. All of the thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are 100% my very own. #OTTOGRAFFit #SouthShoreFurniture

Decorate Your Child’s Room With Affordable Furniture & Decals

 Shopping for your child’s bedroom furniture can be stressful and overwhelming, especially when you realize that the characters your child may like this year will be old news the following one. Just last year my four year old son was completely obsesses with Jake and the Neverland Pirates, now he rolls his eyes at me when I turn the show on for him. That bed set he just had to have and all of the character scattered throughout his room are no longer of interest to him and I am now forced to replace it. I recently discovered a great website that is going to make redecorating his room not only affordable, but incredibly convenient as he grows. South Shore Furniture manufactures affordable furniture for the North American market and they share their passion and tips with the consumers so they can create the décor that suits their way of life. They also have these amazing wall stickers that are easy to apply and remove… making the stickers simple to install.

Decorate Your Child’s Room With Affordable Furniture & Decals

All of the decal stickers on their website are custom for the furniture they sell… for example, Karma Night Stand with Ottograff Decals featured in the image above was designed to only work together. The decal lines up and fits only to this dresser in the way you see it in the image above. However my ever so headstrong four year old son was adamant about adding the little knights to the front, which actually looks great and I am so glad he has such a strong preference and opinion when it comes to decorating his room.

Decorate Your Child’s Room With Affordable Furniture & Decals

What is great about these quality stickers is that they don’t damage the furniture, so it makes it easy to jazz up your child’s décor, and once your child is older and want another décor, you can take the stickers off. The stickers are printed on white vinyl and have a unique design created for the Ottograff line.  You have three category of stickers to choose from so you can decorate your child’s headboards (suitable for teenagers or adults), kids bedroom and baby bedroom.

Decorate Your Child’s Room With Affordable Furniture & Decals

I could not believe how easy these stickers were to apply, my four year old son was able to decorate all on his own. Because they are simple to remove from the furniture, my son was able to relocate them or readjust them if applied crooked. This truly transformed a piece of furniture into something a four year old will love and enjoy! When he decides in a year or two that he wants to change the theme of his room, I won’t be stressing out because it will be such a breeze. South Shore actually has so many decals to decorate the furniture available on their website!

Decorate Your Child’s Room With Affordable Furniture & Decals

We recently went furniture shopping for our living room and let me tell you, it has not gotten any cheaper since the last time we furniture shopped. I could not believe the prizes on some of the items! After that I was thrilled to discover how affordable South Shore Furniture. I have to admit that I often find myself settling for cheap furniture because lets face it, children are great at destroying things. However I was surprised by what a sturdy and quality piece the night stand was that we received. This is such a beautiful, modern and appealing piece of furniture that would look beautiful in any child’s bedroom. The drawers also contain plastic drawer slides with safety latch and dampers, you don’t have to worry about your child slamming their fingers! I am also very fond of the handles on the drawers, gives it such an elegant look.

Decorate Your Child’s Room With Affordable Furniture & Decals

Decorating your child’s room doesn’t have to be a hassle, nor does it need to cost you an arm and a leg. South Shore Furniture has created a line of kid’s furniture and decals that will allow the pieces to grow with your child. Give your child the room of their dreams at an affordable price!

Decorate Your Child’s Room With Affordable Furniture & Decals



9 thoughts on “Decorate Your Child’s Room With Affordable Furniture & Decals

  1. I had no idea that they made furniture decal like this now! I have always loved to use decals on my walls since it’s so easy to remove when you have rentals. What a great way to let their décor change with them as they get older.

  2. Those decals are super cute! I love how they’ll be easy to pull off as the child grows older and not damaging the furniture.

  3. Renovating and decorating a room can be very stressful especially when you are tight in budget. Tips to choose or make simple furniture decals are always appreciated. A child’s bedroom will really become more pleasing and attractive with these artsy and unique designs of stickers. It’s great that they are easy to apply.

  4. How cute! I am looking forward to moving and re-doing all my kiddos bedrooms. They love wall stickers and decals but I haven’t ever thought of putting it on furniture before. I think thats such a good idea. My kids love how they can move the stickers and decals around, which I hate because they tend to get ruined so I’d rather do this than on the wall so they can’t be playing around with them. Very good idea!

  5. These are so cute! My son loves knights, and I could totally see decorating his furniture with these. He’d love it. It’s such a cute idea. I’ll have to check it out and see if they have any cute little girls’ decals as well. My littlest one would love this.

  6. They have stuff for boys and girls. Our littlest one decorated a nightstand for her room and she loved getting to do it herself. This is such a fun and mess-free way to let the kids do some of their own decorating and art!

  7. Awesome idea with the decals Heather. They just gave out so much character immediately. Kids rooms decoration is a lot of fun! Keep posting these.

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