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Enjoy Unlimited Access to Gorgeous Jewelry & Purses

A special thanks to Formio for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with a product for free in exchange for an honest review!

Enjoy Unlimited Access to Gorgeous Jewelry & Purses

Formio is a fabulous company based in NYC and is a membership service that offers customers unlimited access to gorgeous jewelry and purses for only $19/month. They offer a highly personalized experience and have received some amazing reviews from many of their customers and fashion bloggers. A Formio membership Includes unlimited access to rent from hundreds of pieces in the Formio collection. For each shipment you will receive a package that will include a purse & 4 gorgeous jewelry pieces. They also include insurance, so if anything breaks during the shipping process, they will cover it! There are absolutely no late fees, simply keep your pieces as long as you like.

With your membership you also have unlimited exchanges and receive two day shipping both ways. You can always pick which pieces you’ll receive, either way each box has a retail value of over $250. Your contents are also inside of a monogrammed dust bag with your initials.

Enjoy Unlimited Access to Gorgeous Jewelry & Purses

Once you have had some time to wear and get a good feel for all of your pieces, you have the option to buy what you love at a membership discount of up to 50% off retail prices. Do you have any idea how much money I have wasted on jewelery because when I saw it in the store I had an impulse buy. A few weeks pass by and I wonder what was I thinking buying it. Formio is the perfect solution if this sounds like you! You have the opportunity to wear and test out jewelry and allow time to decide whether you truly love it or not. Plus you can purchase the pieces at deeply discounted prices. If you are at all disappointed with Formio and you don’t love your first month, you’ll get your money back… Guaranteed! They are truly that confident that you are going to love the pieces you receive. I have to say that I was personally thrilled with the pieces that were chosen for me, they actually exceeded my expectations. Everything was just… so ME! I highly recommend that you give them a try if you are a lover of jewelry and fashion, it’s probably one of the most inexpensive services I have come across and from working with them it is clear that they have much passion for making sure each and every customer is satisfied with their membership.

  Enjoy Unlimited Access to Gorgeous Jewelry & Purses

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