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Cut Down on These 5 Home Expenses to Save Money

From cold winters to hot summers, many Americans spend significant amounts of money on energy bills. A typical family spends about $2,000 annually on energy costs, with heating taking about 29 percent of those costs. But as technology gets more sophisticated, dynamic methods to lower such costs and improve energy efficiency surface. How do you figure out the best approaches to cut down your home expenses? You can save a large sum of cash with a few effective and easy ways highlighted below.

Turn Down the Temperature of Your Hot Water Heater

When you insulate your hot water pipes, you reduce the loss of heat and raise your water temperature by 4 degrees compared to uninsulated pipes. Insulating your hot water pipes also reduces heat loss. 

You can get the insulation work done yourself during the installation of your water pipes or water heater. Before you start the process of insulation, make sure you have all the necessary information on the materials you will need and instructions for the insulation.

Another good investment when it comes to your home is a whole house water filtration system, we have been looking into this for our house and found some really great informtion about them on the  iPropertyManagement website.

Use Your Air Conditioner More Effectively

Do you know that by closing your blinds during summer days you can enjoy a cooler home? Also, you can save cooling costs of up to 15 percent during hot summer days. Wear cool and comfortable clothes when you come home from work, and use ceiling fans to circulate the cool air from the air conditioning. 

Replace Your HVAC System Air Filter

Replace your HVAC system air filter when it becomes dirty. Check the air filter every month, especially during the months of changing seasons, and replace the filter every three months. 

When your HVAC system’s filter is dirty, your home’s heating and cooling system works harder to keep you comfortable. A system that works harder than necessary can slow down the air flow through the system and into your home. To help your HVAC system work more efficiently, you consult an HVAC services professional

Proper Installation of New Appliances

Replace your old cooling and heating appliances with a new set of appliances. To ensure the best performance of your appliances, the new equipment must be installed properly. Improper installation can reduce their performance by up to 30 percent, shorten the equipment’s life, and cost you more money on your utility bills. 

Inspect All Vents and Registers

To improve comfort and air flow, make sure your vents and registers are clear of rugs or furniture blockages. To save more money and gain optimal performance of your home’s heating and cooling system, find and seal leaks in your home’s ductwork (or call Willard duct cleaning) and clean the area around the outdoor components of your HVAC unit. Also make sure places such as ceilings, floors, and walls don’t allow air leaks to occur.

You can cut down on your energy bills by putting some of the above strategies into use. When you maximize your savings and cut down on recurring high energy expenses in your home, you can watch your savings add up.

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