Starting a New Medicine? Don’t Forget to Ask Your Doctor About These Three Things

Whenever you get a new medicine, it should be an exciting time. In fact, it means you are one step closer to getting your problem solved with the help of your doctor or pharmacist. A new medicine can sometimes be the exact thing you need to feel great 

However, some medicines need a little more attention than others. When you start a new medicine, it is super important to be informed about it. So, to help give yourself peace of mind when you receive a new medicine, just do your research. One way to quickly guarantee the best and most accurate information about what you are taking is by talking to the medical professional standing in front of you. 

When you’re at the doctor or the pharmacy countertake a second to ask the following questions about your meds. These professionals will have tons of reliable information about what they are providing you. Then when you feel knowledgeable, you get to focus on getting better, instead of worrying about what’s going on with your pills.  

Is It Potentially Addictive? 

Whenever you start a new medicine, you should be asking your doctor about how it might affect your body beyond tackling your symptoms. Modern medicine is a powerful thing. Many common pain and behavioral medications have the potential for addiction. It’s better to get ahead of the problem and be educated about any potential risks and what’s going on in your body. Especially, when you take common postoperation pain relievers or other medicines

There is nothing wrong with taking a potentially addictive medicine if it is treating the problem it’s supposed toHowever, it’s essential that those medicines don’t become abusedIf you’re ever in a situation where you suspect a friend or a family member has become addicted to the substance, you should seek treatment for them immediately 

If you fear a friend or family member is abusing their medication, don’t feel a sense of shame, and don’t be worried you’re overreacting; it’s better to be safe then sorry. These common problems can be solved at places like centers for Oxycontin or Adderall Addiction Treatment in California 

What Should You Avoid When You Take it? 

Another pertinent question to ask when receiving new medicine is how it interacts with other substances. As well as, inquire if you should avoid any specific food or drinks while you are taking your medicineThis may seem silly to askbut it is so so important.  

When you take new medicine like antibiotics, avoiding alcohol is a natural thought. But did you know that other common medicines like birth control can be rendered less effective by grapefruit and its enzymesCertain combinations of enzymes and medicines can counteract each other, making your body less likely to absorb their contents.  

On the other hand, certain medications can react with different components of your food and speed up their process of absorption, which can affect how strong your side effects become. All in all, just as before being aware of what your medicine does can only help you 

What’s the Best Way to Store This Medicine? 

Lastly, you should be asking about the best way to keep your medicine at its peak condition. Do your pills do best, under a certain temperature? Does the liquid you’re taking need to be refrigerated? Also, are there any conditions like temperature or humidity, that could affect your medicine?  

You have spent your hard earned time and money, getting to the doctor and paying for your pills. Now let’s make sure they are as effective as possible!  

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