A Guide to Recognizing Unhealthy Habits and How to Change Them

Motherhood brings us some of the best moments in our lives. But, with those wonderful memories also comes a lot of daily stress that can ultimately impact the mental health and well being of any mother. Some of the most common and unhealthy habits that Mothers resort to can be easily defended. But it’s time that the overworked mom stops being unquestioned. Here’s a complete guide to identify whether you have unhealthy mommy habits, and how to break them. 

No Sleep

Simply put,you need sleep. There is a common misunderstanding that all mothers are some type of super-being capable of running on absolutely no sleep and still looking and acting their best. This is just not the case! The average adult needs at least six hours of sleep a night to be functioning to the best of their ability. While motherhood may get in the way of a solid six hours, you should always make sleep one of your top priorities anyway. Don’t assume it’s worthless to try to get some rest!Sleep may be the last of your worries when making sure your children are taken care of, but what good are you to them if you can’t think straight? Bottom line is that you should ensure you have time for yourself to rest and recoup after a long day with your little ones.

Getting Angry

This bad habit sometimes comes from a lack of sleep when your temper is already short. In the moment, it may seem like a great idea to lash out at anyone who pushes you the wrong way,but this almost always leads to regret and even more stress.Though it may take some practice, there are other ways to react in these situations. You must train yourself to remain calm and prepare your mind with other ways to handle what is in front of you.Meditation and yoga are life long practices you can use to find some peace and calm. Whenever you get a second alone, try and clear your thoughts and separate yourself from the situation; it can work wonders!


One of the most severe habits that we are recognizing is addiction. When all seems lost, drugs and alcohol are sometimes the coping mechanisms that individuals will latch on to. If you are going through this and feel like you can’t let anyone know about it, we know that it is scary and stressful. However, there is hope. This is a serious problem, but there are so many ways to get help.If you feel that you need help overcoming your addiction, the most important thing you can do is reach out to a support system to get the help you need. Once you have people supporting you, a full recovery is never far away.The best part is nobody has to know you’re on a journey to recovery. Reaching out to a recovery center or therapist can be a private, self-sufficient journey.


Unfortunately,motherhood brings plenty of aggravating moments. It’s always easier to resort to negative thinking when times are tough with your kids. If you feel that you are always down or dwelling on what you can’t change, there are ways to combat this. The stigma about seeking therapy is weakening now more than ever. It’s a healthy,normal experience that can completely rearrange how you approach any situation. Most therapists will allow you to bring your young ones along so you don’t have to worry about having someone watch them while you’re taking care of yourself.

There are also therapy groups designed specifically for mothers-you will likely find solace in meeting other women who are in a position similar to your own.It is no lie that motherhood is taxing and may bring out some of the more stressful times of your life. But, it is also incredibly rewarding. If you are guilty of any of these habits, there are ways to fight them that will allow you to return to being the greatest mom you can be!

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  1. Drug addiction is a major cause of death, especially in the youngster. They used drugs to get relief from the worries of life. That was totally dangerous for their health. We should treat such a patient with patiently.

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