Complete Guide: Choosing The Best Personalized Dog Beds For Large Dogs

If you have a large-breed dog, you know how difficult it can be to find a comfortable bed for them. You probably don’t need anyone to tell you how crucial it is to get a high-quality big dog bed for your pet. 

Finding an appropriate dog bed may be challenging if you have a large-breed dog. Large-breed dogs require custom made dog beds that are both comfy and simple to use. It is especially desirable if it gives support, especially for older dogs who may require assistance with joint problems. 

Continue reading to learn why your dog needs a proper bed for comfort and wellbeing.

Would A Dog Really Need A Bed?

Every dog needs to have a comfortable spot to rest. Some dog sleeping postures may appear unpleasant from the outside, but they are really optimal for your dog. 

Similar to people, dogs want a comfy sleeping environment. Numerous criteria, such as the dog’s size, age, and sleeping preferences, should influence the choice of the most appropriate bed.

While it’s nearly difficult to keep dogs from sleeping on couches and chairs, providing them with their own soft bed will make it more appealing for them to stay off the furniture. It also guarantees that the furniture is safe from any damage should your dog decide to indulge in a chewy treat.

Further, there are perks beyond those already mentioned. Giving your pet a designated sleeping area may reduce the amount of hair around your home. In addition, your dog will be able to get adequate sleep, which will effectively reduce any undesirable behavior.

Types of Dog Beds

Dogs sleep for roughly 12-14 hours every day. That is a significant amount of time to stay in one location. Just by observing your dog’s habits, you may determine what kind of customizable dog beds will make them the happiest and most at ease over time.

The primary types of dog beds are:

Elevated Dog Beds

Dog owners with extreme chewers prefer this type of bed since they are usually constructed from the most durable materials. Moreover, elevated beds have some space between your pet and the floor helping maintain a comfortable temperature. 

It’s also a terrific option for large dogs who need a higher comfortable area to easily lay their bodies. If you cannot find the specific size you need for an elevated bed, custom dog beds here have size customization options for dog owners. 

Mattress Pad Dog Beds

The rectangular design of mattress pad dog beds makes them a popular option since your pet can easily shift positions. They are lightweight and compact, making them simple to relocate or store.

Orthopedic Dog Beds

Orthopedic dog beds are often padded along the sides to give additional support for the canine’s head and neck and are constructed from memory foam to ease pressure on arthritic joints and bones.

Donut Dog Beds

Dogs that enjoy cuddling will appreciate the comfort of these round beds. Since the covers are often composed of plush, fluffy material, you should check their durability before investing in them.

Cave Dog Beds

Dogs that are easily startled or tend to feel cold may benefit from one of these beds. They help in retaining heat and provide privacy-conscious dogs with protection.

Factors to Consider When Buying Personalized Dog Beds For Large Dogs

Now that you are familiar with the types of beds available, here are some of the other factors to think about before buying personalised dog bed for your large-breed dog:

Sleeping Style

Your dog’s sleeping habits should be taken into account when deciding which dog bed you need to buy. Take a look at some of the pet’s sleep habits below to get an idea.


Dogs who like to stretch on all sides are referred to as sprawlers. They tend to occupy a lot of space and spread their body across the bed. Some dogs prefer to sleep on their sides, especially in hot regions, since exposing their bellies allows them to cool down. The most suitable beds for them are rectangular pillow beds or spacious pads.


Most dogs sleep curled up in a ball, a behavior that likely dates back to their ancestors in the wild when they lived in packs. They’d get into a ball to keep warm and shield their internal organs from any predators. Dogs that prefer to lie curled up will be doing well on a smaller, oval, circular, or bolster bed.


Burrowers like taking shelter underground. They like constructing cave-like dens for rest. Burrowers are known to enjoy a cozy night under the covers next to their human companions. Their ideal beds are hooded or dome-shaped dog beds.


Leaners prefer to lean their heads on something and enjoy the sense of support. Thus, bolster beds are the ideal choice for them. A dog sofa is another viable option.


Even though they may prefer soft bedding, dogs should always sleep on a firm surface. The hard floor might be harmful to your dog’s joints. Therefore, getting a bed that can cushion your pet’s body is important. 

The importance of this cannot be overstated, especially for large canine breeds. A suitable bed can be a comfortable location to rest and reduce joint discomfort.


Having a large dog requires an equally large dog bed. If you have a dog crate or a dog house, you will need to find a dog bed that fits in one of these enclosures.

While determining your dog’s bed size, you must ensure that it is not only large enough to accommodate your dog but that she has extra space to stretch out. Dogs who prefer to sleep stretched out will be more at ease on a longer, rectangular bed. On the other hand, those that prefer to snuggle up could be happier in a softer, rounder one.


Loose-fill beds with shredded foam or other soft materials are widely available in large sizes. These may be the least expensive initially, but you’ll end up spending more money on them because of how quickly they wear out. The infill in these types of beds also degrades rapidly, making regular cleaning difficult.

When the filling flattens or shrinks, the area where your dog will be most comfortable will significantly decrease. At that time, it will likely be too thin for your dog to lie in.

A premium dog bed will outlive multiple inexpensive ones and is, therefore, the superior long-term investment. The cover of a memory foam bed may be removed and washed for convenience, and the foam itself is quite durable. The stay-clean and antimicrobial properties of the covers used in manufacturing also make routine hygiene tasks simple.

Design And Color

There are dog beds available in several designs and colors. You can choose something that is bold and noticeable or something that is subtle.

Consider selecting a dog bed that complements the interior design of your home. Another consideration is that some colors will reveal your dog’s shedding fur more clearly than others. Because of this, you may want to pick a color that is similar to your dog’s coat to achieve a clean look.

A gorgeous neutral gray or a shade that is close to it is ideal. It’s stylish and functional and will hide your dog’s hair well.


A good dog bed will cost you more money. While it may be pricey, remember that you are making an investment in your dog’s long-term comfort. 

Keep in mind that cheap personalized dog beds are not always the best, especially for big dogs. It would be best if you instead searched dog beds online for a middle ground between low price and high quality.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Don’t forget to consider the bed’s washability. Depending on the material, washing your dog’s bed may be necessary not just to remove dirt but also to kill mites and fleas that your dog may bring onto their bed.

Dog beds may also rapidly become a breeding ground for germs. It’s recommended to use bedding that can be removed quickly and easily or dog beds made from waterproof and anti-bacterial material. It makes it much easier to keep unpleasant smells and dirt under control.

Regular dog beds often require additional maintenance. You may need to take your dog’s bed to a laundry that has an industrial capacity washing machine if your dog bed is very large. Additionally, you must replace it more frequently.


Dogs spend a significant amount of time each day sleeping. As a result, you should select a bed that can withstand the normal damage your dog will undoubtedly cause.

One important consideration is the scratch resistance of the bed. Sometimes, even behaved dogs may be destructive by scratching their bed. Thus, selecting a long-lasting acrylic for the bed frame will guarantee its usefulness for several years.

Closing Thoughts

Getting the best personalized dog beds for large dogs is simple if you know what to look for. Keep in mind that the ideal canine bedding provides adequate cushioning and support to avoid calluses, sores, and orthopedic issues.

Nice dog beds are a good investment, but you will want to be sure you’re getting the appropriate one from the start. After all, there is nothing more satisfying than watching your dog sleep peacefully.

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