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Colorful & Creative DIY Decorations For Your Kid’s Spaces

So you’ve decided that it’s time to make a few changes around the house, and create a more child-friendly environment in your household. That means adding more color to the space, as well as creative decorations. Your child’s room and play spaces should look bright and vibrant, and if you haven’t adapted these areas yet, perhaps you need to start looking for inspiration.

If you have some free time on your hands, DIY projects are the way to go. With just a few affordable supplies, you can design some amazing elements that will make any interior design look more joyful and child-appropriate. If you don’t know exactly where to start and what are the elements you can manage designing yourself, the following suggestions might help you out:

Here are some ideas of DIY decorations, perfect your kid’s room or play areas:

Old skateboard as shelf

If you have an old skateboard your kid no longer uses, this can function great as an unconventional shelf. Clean the skateboard, give it a fresh coat of paint if you want it to match the rest of the décor, use some metal holders and attach the skateboard onto the wall with the help of a hammer drill and screws. You will then have the perfect spot to place action figures, books, photo frames, or other décor elements.

Colorful ribbon curtains

An easy, yet fun project would be to change the drapes in your kid’s room with some hand-made curtains. For this you will only need some grosgrain ribbon in different shades, depending on your preferences. Tie each strap of ribbon of appropriate dimensions onto the curtain pole, and let them slight hit the floor for a flowy appearance. Combine several tones, such as green and yellow, to create a more attention-grabbing effect. Just by replacing dull, monochromatic curtains with this colorful alternative, you will instantly give an entirely different vibe to the entire area.

Repurposed suitcase

Create the perfect storage for your kid’s toys or comic books by re-purposing an old suitcase. Get some paint and a paintbrush and start giving that vintage case a new life. You can either paint it in a single shade, or mix several together. You can live the suitcase open in one corner of the room, and place the items that need storing, or another idea would be to stack two cases together and use them as a side table. You can also add stickers or other accessories, if you want to go for a specific children’s theme.

Wood log seats

If you can get your hands on one or two wood logs, and want to bring in a bit of nature into your child’ room, you can design custom seats. A sturdy log will be needed, so make sure to shape it accordingly before letting your kid use it as a seat. Get a small cushion or a throw pillow and use your hot glue gun to secure the pillow onto the log. This will be the most interesting seat in the entire room, and your kid will love it. A mushroom-shaped pillow would work excellent here, maintaining the same natural vibe of the log.

Letters wall art décor

This is the type of project you and your child can both engage in. Wall art will always make an appropriate décor element for your child’s room, and if your kid participates in making the art piece, they’ll only love it more. You need some cardboard – a few old boxes will work fine – paint, crayons, scissors and some glue. Cut the cardboard in the shape of the letters you want, pain it in your chosen shade, add some decorative touches with crayons and markers, and use glue to attach them to the walls. You can write the name of your kid, or of their favorite superhero or Disney princess.

Colorful chandelier

A DIY paper and ribbon chandelier is also a great option here. Use your kid’s drawings, some ribbons and colorful paper cut into different geometrical shapes. Use plastic or metal to create the frame of the chandelier, and glue to attach the ribbon and paper onto it. With a string, tie the chandelier from the ceiling. Secure it properly, to make sure it won’t fall. This will be an appealing focal point for your kid’s room.

Hammock – toy holder

Often, the easiest projects have the most utility and visual appeal. Using a hammock as a toy holder will not only allow your kid to keep the room tidy without much effort, but will also function as a cute element for the décor. You will find on the market plenty of sturdy interior hammocks, simply tie one from two furniture items in the room and make it the spot where all your kid’s teddy bears and other toys are easily stored.

Canopy bed

Children love forts and canopies, and having their own bed transformed into one will certainly make them like their room more. Use some sticks, canvas and the right type of fabric (even some white sheets will do the job here) to design that camp-style hangout you want to achieve. You have plenty of step-by-step tutorials online if you need some guidance here. However, you need to make sure the sticks are correctly secured, so they won’t fall on your little one when jumping into bed or simply sleeping.

Once you become a mom, your kid will be your number one priority. Even when you are making adjustments around the house, considering their needs and desires is often necessary. If you want to try out a few DIY projects and make your kid’s spaces more vibrant and colorful with a few decoration ideas, you will love the projects suggested above. As long as you have the necessary supplies and some basic DIY skills, you can create lovely pieces for your home décor. Give at least a couple of these ideas a try – both you and your kids will enjoy the results.

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