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Benefits of Having Lifestyle Screens on Your Garage in OKC

A garage is often a neglected space within your home. You’ve never thought of it as a usable space since you probably have so many stuff inside that you can barely park your car. Suppose you have the advantage of having a parking space within your house (you have access to it directly from your home), but you don’t have a car. In that case, you can turn this room into a comfortable area where you can actually spend time.

Many interior designers suggest that, if you don’t use a garage to park a car, arrange it as a place for family activities, a party room, or hanging out with friends. Before that, it is desirable to clear the piles of unnecessary things and clean the garage thoroughly. You’ll find that it’s a pretty enjoyable space, which no longer has to serve you as a warehouse.

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If you already have an idea to turn a garage into a place to hang out and enjoy the great outdoors, you should know that not everything is always ideal. Since the door is mostly closed, you may encounter a stuffy space full of strange smells. And if you keep them open, bugs and small animals can enter. The solution is to install a Lifestyle screen system, which will allow you a more comfortable stay in the garage.

Better Air Flow

The first problem you may encounter after you want to turn your garage into a usable space is humidity and stuffiness. If you don’t have windows in this premise, airflow is minimal, which means that various exhaust gases will stay inside. Entering this room is not pleasant at all, especially during the summer months.

Installing lifestyle screens allows you to regulate the airflow and temperature of this room. Given the material from which these door add-ons are made, fresh air can easily pass and bring a breath of refreshment to an otherwise stuffy room. Also, during the day, natural light will give a much more pleasant atmosphere to your garage. Kids can enjoy the game there, or you can freely pursue your hobby without disturbance.

Fits Every House

Regardless of the style of your house, screens easily fit into any exterior. Since they are made of vinyl, they can be transparent or matched with the color of the door or interior of the garage. Or you can opt for no-see screens if you don’t want curious views inside this area.

If you decide to install lifestyle screens in OKC, it can add value to your home. With this investment, you turn a garage that you have not used so far into space like a porch or terrace. This home add-on is quite affordable and makes the garage look brighter and more spacious.


Installation of these outdoor screens is effortless, and it usually takes a couple of hours. What distinguishes them is discretion and easy blending with every exterior. It means you don’t have to spend money on remodeling your house if you need extra space, but you can turn the garage into a place to gather, have fun, or work.

With a door-within-a-door feature, these screens can fit every opening. When not in use, simply store them out-of-sight horizontally (on the ceiling) so that they don’t take up usable space. You can also find models with center door, s you don’t have to lift them up every time.

No Insects

During the summer, you can turn the garage into a place you can enjoy with friends. You can grill, play board games, or casually chat. You’ll have the feeling of being outdoors without actually having to think about a sudden rain or storm.

What can spoil the fun are the insects. Especially during the summer or early fall period, mosquitoes, stink bugs, bed bugs, and various other beetles and tiny pests enter your house and cause inconvenience. See this source to find out how to get rid of these little creatures.

A garage is a space within your home that has one purpose, but with a little creativity and organization, it can become a space you can enjoy. By installing lifestyle screens, you can turn it into an enclosed porch or a terrace, and thus get extra space that you can rearrange as you wish.

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