Common Plano TX Air Conditioner Repairs

In states like Texas, having a cooling system is essential if you want your home to be enjoyable. Due to the subtropical and often dry climate, the temperatures in Plano can be relatively high. It means that, if you live in this area, your climate control system will work for most of the year.

Regular servicing of the air conditioner and checking the system are essential to keep the cooling in your house running smoothly. The first signs of failure should be responded to so that the problem doesn’t become bigger and its solution more expensive. That is why you should be familiar with the common failures on AC devices.

Below, you can learn how cooling devices works:

Dirty Filter

The filter is a replaceable part of the air conditioner, whether this device is located independently on the wall or is part of the HVAC system. The function of filter elements is to protect the motor and fan from dust. They purify the air that passes through them by collecting the particles from it.

Each manufacturer will specify the period in which the filters should be changed in order to avoid possible problems. You’ll find this information in the manual. Yet, in most homes, these parts of the AC device become clogged or dirty very quickly. You may suspect a clogged filter when you notice that the air is stuffy, and the room temperature is high. Something is preventing air circulation, so cold waves can’t break through to the rooms.

Another problem that dirty or clogged filters can cause is freezing the unit inside. To prevent this, clean the filters at least once a month and replace them after the recommended period. That is a fairly easy job, and hiring professionals is often not necessary.

Leaks and Condensation

The water inside the cooling system is created in the cold unit. When the air conditioner is blowing cold air, water is leaking from the indoor unit, which is cold. The outdoor unit is warm. Fluid accumulates as a result of condensation on cold coils. That is a somewhat normal process due to temperature differences.

For that reason, you will find a water collector below the AC device. It keeps water, which further will drain through the condenser coil. Keep it clean to avoid the occurrence of the water plug. Any deposited dirt in coils will force your AC unit to work harder.

Experts from Airview Air Conditioning explain that other causes of water leaks from the air conditioner can be clogging of the collector or drain hose, poorly placed condensate drain hose, etc. The AC unit may also leak if it has insufficient Freon. Then the indoor unit starts to freeze more unevenly than usual. As the ice melts, water from the air conditioner leaks from the side and not into the container.

If the leak appears somewhere in the duct system, it can be a big problem. There are holes somewhere in the system from which cold air comes out, so it doesn’t reach the indoor unit. That is why the AC won’t cool the room, and the electricity bills will be high. Regular inspection of the system and monitoring for water leaks will prevent most problems due to cracked ducts.

Compressor Issues

The compressor is the ‘heart’ of your AC device, and its average lifespan is about ten years, with regular maintenance. This part ‘pumps’ the refrigerant through the system, to eliminate moisture and heat from the room. If the coils and suction lines are cleaned regularly, the compressor won’t have to work at an increased intensity, which means that it will break down less often.

You can diagnose a problem with the compressor if the AC unit is working, but instead of cold, it blows warm air. In most cases, it is a lack of Freon. That is one of the more manageable issues to solve since you only need to refill this gas. But if the Freon turns out to be leaking, it can be a big problem. In that case, you need a skilled technician to locate the leak as soon as possible.

Another reason for blowing heat may be in electronics. Due to a fault, no electricity reaches the compressor. That is a situation where you need to call a licensed electrician or an authorized AC repairer who will check if there is a power supply or a fault in something else.

Capacitor Burning

Capacitors are the main components of the electronics of any AC unit. Their role is to start the engine and fan once you turn the device on. This failure is quite common, especially with cooling systems that work several hours during the day, such as those in homes in Plano, TX.

The common sign that there’s a problem with the capacitors is the difficulty to start the air conditioner. You will probably also hear hums from the engine, trying to start the device without enough power supply due to a broken run or start capacitor. Then the technician should check what the problem is by running electrical tests. Here you can read why hiring experts is a must in these cases.

Most failures on the AC device can be resolved. You can repair some minor bugs, like dirty filters or clogged drains, yourself. But any severe malfunction requires the assistance of licensed technicians. They will help you bring your cooling system back to life, but they will also tell when it is time to buy new unit, as repairs on the old one are no longer worthwhile.

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