Why you should use acrylic sheets to make your art look more attractive

There are numerous things you can use to express your creativity. Some are crafted using special materials to ensure vibrancy and precision and others have a more improvisational tone. In fact, if you look at it, walls can serve as a great canvas as well (although it is illegal to draw on public property and counts as vandalism). However, the lesson to take away here is the canvas you draw or paint on has an immense impact on the overall attractiveness or appeal of your work of art. So, let us look at one canvas, which we believe is better suited for your artistic needs, i.e. Acrylic sheets.

What makes Acrylic Sheets special?

Tinted plexiglass sheets have several key characteristics that rank them above certain types of canvases and consequently, make them a popular go-to for many artists. The benefits of using acrylic sheets range from fluidity to vibrancy. Additionally, before we go into what makes these sheets special, it is worth mentioning here that these sheets have a lower density and are lighter in weight compared to glass, which is often confused with acrylic sheets due to their similar features. That being said, to fully understand everything acrylic sheets have to offer, we must examine these advantages one by one:

  • Durability.

All wood-based canvases (paper or other derivatives of wood) are prone to fading. They lose their texture over time and the contrast gets lighter and lighter. While some argue that this fading prospect is a sign of its increment in value, generally artists do not want to see their color palette fade into nothing. Acrylic sheets do not have this problem, and can maintain the potency and vibrancy of your artwork even after several years.

  • Lesser diffusion.

Most canvases are also prone to diffusion depending upon the material used, density, thickness, etc. Diffusion can adversely affect your painting, as the colors tend to stay away from their intended place leaving you with a messy painting, if you’re not careful enough. Again, it is argued that whether or not you let diffusion ruin your piece depends upon your skill as an artist. However, if we’re being perfectly candid, it is an easier and wider decision to select a canvas which does not have this problem altogether. Acrylic sheets have a negligible diffusion rate giving you a sharper and more defined painting.

  • Better focus.

Since plastic is an impermeable substance, it does not absorb or reduce the efficacy of your color palette and allows you to get exactly the shade you want. Furthermore, acrylic sheets are available in a variety of different colors enabling you to better tune your painting and giving you something to contrast with. Lastly, you can shine lights from behind acrylic sheets (the transparency of the sheet plays a vital role here) to increase visibility and make the painting easier to appreciate. Creating a gentle balance between your painting and the way the lights portray it is a talent in itself and unlocks a whole new side of art you can explore. 

  • Who needs frames?

Frames are quite an important piece of the puzzle and most famous paintings would not be as dashing if they were not accompanied by their charming frames. However, most artists either cannot afford expensive woodwork, or they choose to go without frames. Acrylic sheets are by far the best canvas if you’re going frameless and their unique characteristic to blend in gives your painting an excellent seamless finish. Paper canvases, on the other hand, look unfinished without a frame.

In conclusion, it makes sense why acrylic sheets are so popular as they open up a relatively new side of artwork that has a lot more potential for creativity. And since sustainability is something we should all focus on as a community, it is worth iterating here that these sheets are fully recyclable and do not impact the environment. No trees are cut down to make these sheets (we’re looking at the paper here) and no animals are harmed. However, not every stationery store has these in stock. 

Where to buy top quality acrylic sheets?

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