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BayB Brand Bean Bag Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

A special thanks to BayB Brand for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with a product for free in exchange for an honest review!

BayB Brand Bean Bag Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

About BayB Brand

“BayB Brand Bean Bags is the concept of two friends, two dads looking to make a better life for their families by bringing high quality products to yours!  We come from different backgrounds, different parts of the country, brought together through a common goal to start our own business and be independent of the daily 9-5 grind.”


BayB Brand Bean Bag Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

My Review

The first few months of a new baby’s life is spent mostly just sleeping and eating, all day long! We are warned by our baby’s pediatrician to never put a baby to sleep on their stomach, while at the same time we must also make sure our baby doesn’t develop flat head. Crib, bassinet, swings, bouncers, car seat… all places that could cause flat head if our baby spends too much time sleeping in them. I was so delighted when I discovered an amazing baby product that helps prevent this occurrence all together! The BayB Brand Bean Bag is a must have baby item to have around the house and something that will grow with your baby. This bean bag will be useful well beyond the first year and something a toddler could use as well.

BayB Brand Bean Bag Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)The fabric and designs are absolutely gorgeous, as well as extremely soft to the touch. This is an easy baby item to keep clean and even has a removable cover that is waterproof and washable. Can you imagine the elbow work that goes into cleaning a bouncer after your new baby has had their famous “diaper explosion?” If you are an expectant first time mom then you will discover soon enough about this little magic trick… experienced moms are currently laughing as they read this and have flash backs about the many items they have had to clean as a result of a diaper explosion! The waterproof and removable cover makes this the ideal sleeping place for baby because you will find such ease in keeping it clean, even after a diaper leak or mishap!

BayB Brand Bean Bag Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)This unique infant bean bag is filled with 100% polystyrene bean bag fill, which makes it so baby can get in the most comfortable position possible. Keeping baby in a comfortable upright position (when they are experiencing gas or acid reflux) is no longer complicated with this bean bag chair. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating new comfortable positions for your baby in this bean bag!

BayB Brand Bean Bag Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

BayB Brand Bean Bag Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

This is just an overall amazing product to have and as a mom of two and one on the way, I am telling you right now, it’s well worth the investment! It can be so overwhelming deciding what baby products you will actually need and ones that are just going to be outgrown in months. I have come to realize that is better to purchase the baby products that can grow with baby and can be used for multiple stages of their life. My three year old son can currently sit on this bean bag chair comfortably, which shows me that this will work for our new baby for many years! The BayB Brand Bean Bag is absolutely a must have item for new baby and I highly recommended it!

BayB Brand Bean Bag Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

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127 thoughts on “BayB Brand Bean Bag Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

  1. Loved the review! The handy, clean, comfort & health care of a newborn is important to me! Thank you! I pick the “white”!

  2. I love how easy this is to clean! I love these products that feel like a “no duh,” why didn’t I think of this idea first? ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I love the way that it cushions the baby so that they don’t develop flat head. My 3 month old has already started losing some hair on the back of his head, this would be perfect for him! It’s great that the cover is machine washable, because we all know that babies spit up and have diaper accidents. Genius product!

  4. Great review. Brought up all the questions I had and the Teddy picture was super cute. This is such a great idea!

  5. I love this! Thank you for sharing it with us all! I really like the seat and find it wonderful that you can remove the cover for washing. This is especially important since babies can leak…ALOT!

  6. Really like that it is waterproof and machine washable. The back of my oldest daughters head is kind of flat, so this is great.

  7. love this I would like the blue for my daughter the baby boy is to be here June 7 2014 he would love it

  8. This review makes me want one even more. It looks like an ideal spot for my baby to nap while we are getting things done around the house. Also, a reclined spot to help with reflux will help me to worry less.

  9. This is such a unique and impressive item. I wish these were available when my children were baby’s. My granddaughter would definitely get a lot of use from this. Beautifully crafted and SAFE!

  10. This is a great review. I like the benefits it has for the newborn and also that it grows with the baby. The fact that the cover is washable id=s another plus.

  11. I have seen these once before and thought that it would be great for my son. Every morning when we get up we get a diaper change, eat, and then he watches Winnie the Pooh for fifteen or twenty minutes while I use the bathroom, get a cup of coffee, etc. This would be great to be able to sit him in while he watches. Very cute item!

  12. seriously these are super cute, and your review makes them seem super comfy, i also love the belt so that the baby cannot go anywhere, and love how you provided pics with descriptions, thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. I would love to try one of these out. I love the material designs on them too. They are so cute!

  14. I love the review and it answered my most important question about keeping the baby from tipping over. I also like that it will be helpful with acid reflux. And being able to have the cover waterproof and washable is amazing. Loving the Baby B brand bean bag.

  15. I love knowing that it won’t just tip over, also my son loves being on his belly or propped up due to reflux so this will keep me calmer knowing he is face up !

  16. Thank you for this amazing review! If i had the big family and could have a baby shower this would defiantly be on my list! I’m having my third baby in August a little girl. I wish i knew about this when my son (5) and my daughter (3) were born! My son had such horrible gas this would have been amazing to have and my daughter went through a time where she wanted to sleep everywhere but her bassinet lol it was adorable but this would have been a much better option ! I have my fingers crossed this review and your pictures have made this my hope, pray baby item!!

  17. Awesome review! The bean bag looks very comfortable and versitile and I love that it has straps on it to keep the child restrained while sitting in it.

  18. I absolutely love this product! My son had acid reflux pretty bad and I only wish I had this then! I love how it prevents flat head as well, such a great idea. I also love that it is machine washable and easy to wipe clean. I would love to win this for my baby girl due this month. ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. This looks like a fabulous product for babies. We have a brand new great-grandson who I know would find this to be a comfort paradise! It isn’t only attractive, but appears to be made by the highest standards in the baby accessories industry. It looks extremely comfortable, as well as safe for a baby. I really hope I will be the one to win this for Benjamin David Matthews.

  20. I have seen this bean bag chair before but this is the first time I have seen a good review. It definitely turned me more in favor. I love that it is washable and my biggest worry of baby turning over is eased.

  21. I wish I had these when my boys were little. I love that they have a washable cover and you can remove it to clean. The fill makes the baby comfortable without causing the flat head. I just love it! I want to get one for my friend who is pregnant with her first!!

  22. Great visuals on the product (especially since its the color I’d want most of all)! You’ve turned me onto a product I would have otherwise ignored. These can come in handy (similar to a feeding pillow, but larger) when you want your child to be in a comfortable siting up position. This seems to be like a great accessory to make feedings and training easier, even a great seat for a toddler, but it should be stated to never leave the child unattended, as with all furnishings. I can see this possibly flipping over.

  23. You had me at waterproof and washable removable cover and that bean bag you reviewed is beyond cute! Love the polka dots.

  24. I wish that I would have known about these when our son was an infant. He had GERD and was in pain all the time…it was hard keeping him upright all the time and when we did, they were hardish surfaces. He has a flat spot that we are hoping to be less noticeable as he grows…it would have been nice to have one of these.

  25. I love how you pointed out that it helps with acid reflux. It runs in my family and my first son had to have special formula. Thanks!

  26. I really wished I would have known about these when my babies were babies. I’m sure they would have been very helpful at the time! Thanks for the very informative review!

  27. I did not know that this seat would help prevent flat head, something that I am always concerned about. Also I did not know that it could help prevent acid reflux and gas. The more I read about this BayB Brand Bean Bag, the more I am sold on it. I think this might just become an essential item for any newborn. Thanks for this great information.

  28. This review is super helpful. I love how the product is designed to help your baby not to develope a flat head. Being that my daughter has acid reflux she constantly had to sleep sitting upright, this is not only helpful for reflux but also super comfy for her.

  29. This looks like it would be soooo useful! Especially to a new mommy! I love how comfy it looks and how easily it would be to clean! It’s also great to know that it can help prevent “flat head”.

  30. I think these are adorable. They have great patterns & colors, too. It would be a great baby shower gift.

  31. I love this! We had the NapNanny, and when those were recalled I was so sad. It was our go to for an easy napper when our daughter was little. This looks like an even better solution since it cushions them! And to have something that also prevents flathead. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the review!

  32. This review gave a wonderful opinion that I’m sure everyone would agree! I’d love to win one for my baby because he likes to be in everyone’s business but relax at the same time! He’d look adorable hanging out on this!

  33. I love this bean bag idea but I think I’d have to wait until baby could support his own head so that his chin doesn’t flop forward. Has anyone used this with a very young infant or newborn and if so, can you comment on the head flopping forward at all? The design of the bag seems that it would force the infant to lie back but the pictures on the site don’t address my question.

  34. I have been looking at these for awhile now. After reading your blog and review I’m set on getting one. Besides….how cute and adorable are they! I know those two can’t be the only reason to buy any product for a baby or child. That is why blog like yours are so very useful to those of us in the market to purchase this. Thank you!

  35. I would love to try this for my new addition! We didn’t have one of these with our first, so I would love a new product to try this round.

  36. This is a very practical item for any parent. It’s portable, washable and totally convenient to carry from room to room. I can see using this anywhere in the house because it comes equipped with a seatbelt to keep the baby safe.

  37. I love your product . I want to get one for my son nd his wife who are do June 15th . And hopefully he is home he is in the military .. And he has missed both anniversary s so hopefully he is here for the birth of his daughter

  38. These look so comfortable and very easy to keep clean! I think the review does a great job of showing the pros of these bean bag baby chairs!

  39. This review was very insightful. My first son was never big on sleeping; he took to crawling, sitting and walking all before 8 months so he was never lying down much. However I wondered how I would curb the flat head problem with my next baby as I am convinced she will be my sleeper like her daddy. This an amazing looking and sounding product. I especially love the blue polka dot. Pretty enough to be for a girl but not pink!

  40. This looks so comfortable for a baby. I know how comfortable a bean bag is for me as an adult so I can imagine it would be the same. Love this product!

  41. Great review!! I would have never guessed that dads were the ones that created this!! It looks so comfy!

  42. Great review. Thank you. I love that it is washable and it looks so comfortable that I want one for myself – in my size!

  43. I think this looks great for special needs kids. My daughter has hemivertebrae and scoliosis. She’s 7 months and her back gets very sore. This looks like it would be very comfortable for her to sit and play in. Wonderful idea!!!

  44. I simply loved your review, the details of the BayB Brand bean bag makes me want to buy one if I could afford to. The pictures helped a lot for visual reference. It looks comfortable and safe, which is very important.The fact that this product is machine washable is heaven to this mother of three (ages 7,5,and 3months) ears, and also how easily you can remove the top part is a plus. Thank you so much for your input.

  45. I love that this would get tons of use, even as baby grows up. I can see my 3 year old trying to sit on a seat like this ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. I think this would be awesome for little ones and even possibly for photographers who take pictures of little ones. ๐Ÿ™‚

  47. I would love one of these for when we have another child. I have heard nothing but great things.

  48. This is a product that will get a lot of use those 1st few months when the baby sleeps and eats most of the time. It supports the babies body, neck and head. It is also a safe way for baby to sleep to help prevent SIDS. Awesome gift for a new Mom or a Mom times several.

  49. Thank you for your review. I love that it has a removable cover and that it is easy to clean. I also like that it is super soft and it grows with your child.

  50. Such an awesome product, I wish they had these when I had my children. I am getting ready to be a grandmother and would love one of these.

  51. I love the features of the BayB Brand Bean Bag!! My one week old grandson is sleeping almost all of the time and I can see how helpful the bean bag would be to keep his beautiful head round an not flat in the back. The fact that the bean bag is waterproof and removable for washing is such a great idea.

  52. This looks soooo comfortable for baby. Do they make adult-sized ones? ๐Ÿ™‚ Just kidding.

  53. Love that the cover is machine washable and it’s water proof. Love the colors on this. Would be very comfy for babby.

  54. love this product , really like the fact that its comfy for the little one and has straps to secure them in, fun colors also ๐Ÿ™‚ great review and thanks for share @tisonlyme143

  55. Love the bean bag and the great patterns it comes in too. Wonderful gift for new parents for their little ones.

  56. I think it is funny that two Dads came up this!It is really adorable. It is good that it will useful beyond the infant years!

  57. It is so important to make sure your baby is on their little backs to sleep. I love how this bean bag tackles the issue of keeping their little heads rounded. It looks so soft! I would like one in a big girl size so I too can cuddle up!

  58. This is so cute. I love the style and it would be great for taking baby with you and having a place to put baby and know that it is clean. Very creative idea and looks comfy for baby!!

  59. This product seems great, we had issues with our daughters head getting the flat spot and needing the corrective helmet. This is definitely something I will look into for baby #2 due in November ๐Ÿ™‚

  60. I really love this review! The bean bag looks amazing! I have a 5 yr old and 3 yr old and am pregnant with another coming in august. I didn’t know anything about this with my other 2 but i wish i did! This is really amazing!

  61. My son & daughter-in-law are concerned about their newborn having a flat spot on his head with the large amount of time he spends sleeping on his back. I noticed that this is one of the advantages of the BayB Brand Bean Bag. Now that doctors discourage parent from putting their babies to sleep on their stomach’s, it would be helpful to own a baby bean bag.

  62. Great Review! This Baby Bean Bag is just Awesome. Baby will be so comfortable with all the free moving beans moving around to the right place for Baby’s comfort. It also is so Lovely looking~ As for me this is a must for Baby! Thankyou for reviewing~

  63. Ever since I first saw this product I have wanted one so bad for my LO! It is such a great idea, and they are adorable! I love that it is a nice, soft and safe spot for baby to relax and take in their surroundings! It’s also pretty awesome how many different colors and patterns there are.

  64. I have been really looking into this product. I think it is super adorable and a great gift for baby. I just wish they had more color options. They are also very pricey. Those are my only negatives though. They do last a long time and can be used for many different things.

  65. I love the bright color options available and that this chair can be used for years and not just for an infant.

  66. Wow! I would love to have one of these for baby #3 (due in October)! Greatand informative review. .. The removable, washable cover is a great feature!

  67. I have never seen these before! I would have loved to have one for my first born! I love that the cover is washable too! I want one of these bean bags for my next baby!!

  68. This is adorable, the prints are beautiful. I think my new grand baby would love to take naps in this beautiful bean bag

  69. love how you wrote up this review! answering all the questions that anyone would have about the bean bag!! I really think that my new niece REALLY needs to have her Auntie buy this for her lol thanks!

  70. Thanks for this idea for the baby bean bags. Different kinds of bean bags available in the market, It’s really taught to choose the suitable one for baby. It’s really best gift for the baby.

  71. Thanks for this idea for the baby bean bags. Different kinds of bean bags available in the market, It’s really taught to choose the suitable one for baby. It’s really good for the baby.

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