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Robert Matthew Emily Shoulder Tote

A special thanks to Robert Matthew for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with a product for free in exchange for an honest review!



About Robert Mathew

“It all started when lifetime friends Robert and Matthew were discussing the unique, yet intriguing trend setting fashions that continue to evolve within their home state of California. From the casual styles of San Francisco to the fashion forward influences of Los Angeles.

It became apparent that the California lifestyle needed a new luster in order to reflect the fashion of today. Robert and Matthew, always intrigued with the connections that women have with their handbags, soon developed a passion to embody style, personality, and the latest trends in creating fashionable purses for all occasions.

Thus Robert and Matthew set out to create the hottest new fashionable yet functional handbags that women around the world are proud to flaunt. With over 17 years of experience in the fashion & handbag industry, our design team works around the clock to ensure we give our customers the latest styles and fashion forward looks!”

Robert Matthew Emily Shoulder Tote Review

My Review

As a fashionable mother of two and a baby on the way, it’s not only important for me to have a stylish purse, but it must also be functional. When purse shopping there are a few main features that I always look for; must have a lot of space and pockets, easy to carry over the shoulder, can’t be too large, exterior is easy to clean and of course it has to be stylish! Not too complicated right? Wrong! Discovering a purse that possesses all of these features is actually quite difficult and I always end up settling for one that doesn’t quite meet my standards. One of the major issues I come across is not being able to find a purse that is easy to clean. I always have children rummaging though my purse and leaving it on the floor, which results in my poor purse needing a cleaning at least once a week. I have had to replace purse after purse on my path towards discovering the perfect mom purse and I am so delighted to share with you that my journey has ended! Yes, I have found the ultimate mom purse that provides all of the features I must have! The Robert Mathew Emily Shoulder Tote can be described in one word… perfect!

This must have bag arrives generously packaged to ensure it arrives at your door in mint condition. I was very impressed by the presentation and the packaging the bag arrived in.


The light rose gold hardware complements this purse perfectly and really gives it a unique look that stands out. The animal friendly leather is beautiful and I just love how it looks. The straps are the ideal length for me and I can easily carry the purse on my shoulder without it slipping.


The outside zipper pocket is a great place to keep your cell phone and lipgloss, two items that always seem to get lost at the bottom of your purse when you need them most. I always find it useful to place my car keys in there when I run into a store, that way I can find them right away when I return to the car.


Let us just take a moment to admire that beautiful interior fabric! I am absolutely in love with the fabric and can’t help but grovel over it every time I open my purse. In addition to the attractive interior, there is also an ample amount of space for everything a mom would need to bring with her for the day. I like to use the two front open pockets for my makeup bag, a baby wipes holder, snacks and everything else my children tuck in there. The pocket in the middle (which zips shut) is where I keep my wallet and it reassures me that a child will never accidentally knock it out on accident.



There is also a small zippered compartment in the back, I keep spare change and lip gloss in here as well. This pocket is perfect for all those small items that you don’t want to accidentally spill out of your purse.


The top zipper offers extra security and I prefer it much more than a purse that simply buttons shut.


 Overall I am exceptionally pleased with this gorgeous, high quality tote! So much detail and special features were implemented into the bag and I am amazed by all of them. The exterior has maintained it’s integrity and is as beautiful as the first day I received it. I am thrilled with all of the storage space that allows me to keep my items organized and safe. The Emily Tote is the perfect size and is very comfortable when worn on the shoulder. I could go on and on about how much I love this tote, not a single negative word to utter about it. If you are a fellow mommy fashionista that isn’t quite ready to commit to only a diaper bag (still wanting to sport a gorgeous purse) then I highly recommend this purse for you!


Robert Mathew was kind enough to offer an amazing coupon for my fans! 50% off one of the Emily Totes!!! Use coupon code FRUGALMOM50 at checkout to recieve 50% off any color of the Emily Tote. All you have to do is enter the code in the coupon code box at checkout.

Robert Matthew Emily Shoulder Tote Review

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  1. I love Robert Matthew Collection, The coupon code FRUGALMOM50 worked for me. Thank for coupon. Did you have any place where I can subscribed for couponing emaling.

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