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Putting your baby down to sleep can be an anxiety-inducing experience for some new moms. Will the baby be warm enough? How long will they sleep? How often will they stir? This can become even worse when you transition them into their own room, and you are not able to just peek at them from your pillow. 

The best way to put your mind at rest about if your little one is ok while they sleep is to use a baby monitor. Smart baby monitors allow you to see your little one via a live feed that you can use when not at home too. 

What Does it do?

Smart baby monitors are becoming increasingly popular because they allow you to have a similar experience to being in the room with your baby. You are able to see your child in real-time while they sleep, letting you know if you need to go into their room. You can also hear them and speak back to them via the camera and its inbuilt microphone and speaker. 

Some models of interactive baby monitors will also record video or still images if they detect movement on the camera. This can be an excellent way to see what your child does while they sleep. 

Fun and Practical

Have you ever gone into your child’s room in the morning to find them half-undressed with their head at the foot of the bed and the blanket on the floor? It is hilarious the way some babies are by the morning after having gone to bed neat, tidy, and tucked in. A recording video monitor will allow you to track the movements of your child overnight. 

A recording video monitor is designed to record a short clip each time it detects movement while switched on. This is then stored for a set period of time to allow you to view and download it if you need to. With this function, you can assess if your child’s sleep situation is suitable for them. You can review how many times they have been awake and gone back to sleep without you present. You are also able to see if their blankets are suitable or if you need to change to a sleeping bag if they remove blankets and are then cold. 

In addition to the practical side of reviewing your child’s sleep/wake patterns, you can also see how they move around their crib throughout the night. We have viewed some truly hilarious footage of the way children cover every square inch of their mattress throughout the night, sometimes without waking once. 

The images or videos created by the interactive baby monitor are also something nice for you to keep. With a new baby, everything is a memory, and being able to look back on photographs or videos of their tiny sleeping forms is something precious to have. 

Still, images can be a little more difficult to assess what is causing your child to wake. So, if you have a baby who frequently wakes through the night, a model with the record function may be better suited to you.

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