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Bathroom remodel – Why do you need to hire a professional plumber?

You want a great bathroom, everyone can understand it because bathrooms are similar to kitchens, you need space for various activities. You want it to streamline your daily routines, so you need a spacious, relaxing, cozy, organized and functional space. And most importantly, you want it to be easy to clean. However, bathroom remodeling can be tricky. You have to line up numerous things: tiling, sinks, baths, faucets, cabinetry, plumbing, lighting, and the list could continue. When lacking experience and knowledge, hiring an expert can be the best option. But before, it’s important to identify the main risks a bathroom remodel comes with.

1. Shortages and leaks

To remodel the bathroom you have to tear everything up, and get everything out. When you knock the walls down, you can damage the plumbing and electrical system. Therefore, it’s advisable to hire a plumbing expert to check the space and move out all the wires and pipes to avoid damaging them. We recently had a bathroom remodeling project that required this type of work and we simply looked up plumbing services near me for the best options.

2. Bathroom remodeling projects can come with banes

Banes are some of the most important risks when planning a bathroom remodel. The key to build a functional bathroom is to come up with a good design. You can end up with an uncomfortable space if you poorly plan it and you choose things that look pretty but are difficult to use. The plumbing and electrical systems need to be perfectly installed because they can damage the underlying functions of a bathroom. Hiring experts to review the remodeling plans will ensure functional systems. Poor planning can also affect safety. Bathrooms are some of the most accident-prone residential spaces, so plan for preventing accidents when designing it.

3. Lack of knowledge and experience

If you have never remodeled a bathroom before, you may have no idea that the shower faucet has an in-valve inside the wall for it to function. You do not know these things if you lack experience. When having another profession, than plumber, it’s advisable to hire an expert to prevent missing details that can affect the overall functionality and look of the room.

Why should you hire a professional plumber?

Installing the drainage system requires expertise

When planning for a minor bathroom remodel, you can skip hiring an expert. But when you aim for a major makeover, you should ask a professional to supervise the project. If you want to add a new feature and it requires removing the entire plumbing system, you need professional help

to do it. Their expertise is invaluable because they know how to set the layout of a new drainage system without damaging the design and functionality of the bathroom. They do it with the precision of a surgeon. Hiring a plumber keeps you away from possible problems that may arise when improperly installing the drainage system. The last thing you want is a sluggish drainage or leaks in a newly-remodeled bathroom.

A professional opinion is always valuable

A bathroom makeover offers you the chance to check the pipes to assess their state. As someone, who doesn’t work with pipes regularly, you need an expert to make an accurate assessment of their state. Do not trust your neighbor’s opinion when they say the pipes can last other 20 years without causing issues, hire a plumber to check their condition. Do not proceed with the project until an expert replaces or repairs the faulty pipes. This way you avoid extra expenses on repairs.

They have completed successfully hundreds or even thousands of remodeling projects

A professional plumber will use their accumulated experience and knowledge when handling your remodeling project. Caldwell Plumbing states that experienced plumbers know where to search for defects before starting to install the new fixtures. They also have the right tools to complete the job. Buying specialized tools is expensive, you don’t want to add this cost to the ones of bathroom remodel. Hiring an expert in completing remodeling projects successfully brings peace of mind.

Professional plumbers are insured and bonded

Many things can go wrong when handling home remodeling projects. One of the workers you hire can accidentally fall and hurt themselves, or break some of the new things you purchased. Alternatively, they may poorly install the toilet or pipes attached to it and lead to water damage. You will pay for all these costs if you decide to handle the bathroom remodel on your own. When working with an expert they have an insurance policy that covers all the above situations. Many of them also offer a warranty for the projects they complete.

It makes sense to hire a plumber, but you may have no idea how to find a reliable one. Here are some quick tips that will help you.

How to choose the right plumber?

Are they insured and licensed?

Most of the countries ask plumbers to hold licenses, so check if the one you want to hire has one. They should offer evidence of their license. All the contractors you hire should have license to guarantee that they can do the job right. Insurance is also essential because it protects you from the legal consequences an accident can bring, and it covers for the damages the plumber may produce.

Ask for references

A professional plumber has no issues in providing references and the detail contacts of the homeowners who hired them previously. Ask them for references before hiring them, it will help you figure out what services they provide.

Ask them for an estimate

Get an estimate of the project and compare the quotes from different plumbers. Some of the contractors ask their clients to pay a 10% deposit of the total cost of the project, but you shouldn’t hire someone who asks more. A plumber who works for a cheap price may not have the experience and knowledge you need to remodel the bathroom.

Understand how their work will affect your routine

Ask them about their working hours, it will help you understand when they are at your house. You need to know if the bathroom is functional during the remodel, where they plan to store the materials and tools, and how long the entire projects will last. Do not move forward with a plumber before getting answers to these questions.

Do not forget, remodeling your bathroom is a serious job and you need to entrust it to an expert to get the desired results.

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  1. Thanks for reminding me that I should ask the plumber first for any previous homeowner or client that I can contact as proof of their services. I’m thinking of renovating the bathroom next to my room and since it will be better to have the plumbing lines checked as well, I’ll follow your advice and hire a professional. I’ll try to see if there are any local plumbers I can work with and inquire about their services.

  2. A professional plumber knows how to handle water and make sure that it goes where it should and does not leak or flow where it should not. If you cannot say that about yourself, protect your property by hiring a professional plumber when your next plumbing problem occurs.

  3. This article shows the importance of hiring a professional plumber. We could save your plumbing system from a serious problem in the future. We can also give you advice or tips about plumbing. Thanks to

  4. Yes, a mistake in plumbing can be risky. Much more risky than in many other home projects. Although I support the idea of DIY, I believe that people should hire professionals for such important jobs as plumbing.

  5. My fiancé and I recently bought a home this year, it’s a fixer upper and we’ve learned a ton from all the projects. Most recently we widened our driveway and placed really cool paver stones on either side. I got to learn to mix cement and lay down asphalt, it was epic.

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