Pros & Cons Of Clip In Hair Extensions

The best way to give your hair a major make overlook is to go for a clip in extension. It changes the look of your hair without you going through drastic measures; highlighting, low lighting, color changing, and other stuff.

There’s no reversal from going all out, for instance, when you cut your hair low into a bob, it’s hard for you to rock a ponytail the next day, or chopping off your luscious locks and not being able to get it into a long curly one. Clip-in extensions are one of the most popular forms of extensions in the hair industry. They are available in the market as they come in different weights, lengths, and variety of colors. It is available for everyone as there is always a clip in extension to suit your needs.

But, clip in extensions are not perfect, they have their deficiencies and their strengths. We’ll be giving you a rundown of the pros and cons of clip in extensions.

Pros of Clip in Extensions

· They are quick to fix: Unlike other extensions were you have to sew in, weave in, fuse in or glue in, the clip in extensions are very quick to fix on to your hair when you’re in a hurry. There’s also no need for a maintenance appointment or a lengthy fixing that other extensions come with. In other words, within minutes you can add color and length to your hair.

· They are easy: Are you are a beginner to the world of fixing extensions? Then, the clip in extensions is the one for you. It doesn’t require lengthy commitment periods in the salon and is not quite as complex or complicated as the other variety of extensions. They are so easy to apply that you practically don’t need outside help to fix it on your head.

· They require no additional tools: Unlike other extensions that need tools like sticky tapes, heat, and goopy glues for application on the hair. All you need for you to apply the clip in extensions on your hair is the clip in extensions itself, part your hair and separate it, then push in the clip in extensions, attach the wefts with a small comb and snap the clip down into place.

· They have versatility in color: You can perfectly blend in colors into it without directly touching your hair scalps. In other words, you can experiment with more than one color on your hair. If you want to go Ombré, then Ombré it is, if you want to go coloring then be our guest. All this can be achieved with your clip in extensions, it’s like taking a risk without losing anything.

· They flow in seamlessly: Most clips in extensions are made with real, human hair which makes them fit right at home on your hair. They just give off that natural flow, and since they come in various colors it means that whatever color your hair is, there’s a color to perfectly suit you. Apply it to your hair and no one would be able to tell the difference between them both.

Cons of Clip in Extensions

But like all things that have a good side, there’s also a bad side. The following are the cons of the clip in hair extensions.

· They are not quite long lasting: Although this is a general problem with all things in nature, the clip in extensions is not one to be used around the clock all through, too much use makes it weak and will make it break. Therefore, it is a must that you remember to remove them whenever you want to go to bed or for a swim. They are not permanent, so leaving them in for too long will cause damages to your hair and tangle it up.

· They cannot be customized: Clip in extensions, unlike the other methods of extensions, cannot be customized to give you a diverse look. There is no option of mixing several colors to create a customized blend.

· They can be a pain in the hair: We are taking that in a purely literal context. What do we mean by this? Well, putting on clip in extensions can cause excess stress and tension on any section of hair. Wearing the clip in hair extensions for far too long and in the same position can really pressure your hair. So, try as much as possible to change the position of the clip in extensions and tease your hair before you apply the clip in extensions on it.

You will agree with us that the pros vastly outweigh the cons of the clip in extensions. Remember, it’s one of the most versatile, beautiful and efficient hair extensions to have on your hair. That’s all the rundown you need on the pros and cons of clip in extensions.

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