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Are You Financially Independent?

Are You Financially Independent?Money is a sensitive or taboo topic to talk about for many moms. In fact, many women that successfully juggle their home and their kids are embarrassed about financial topics. This might be because they simply don’t know that much about it. Their partners often handle all of the bank accounts and tend to be the bigger earners in the household. Does this put moms at a disadvantage? It might because financial independence is important for us all.

Money does, unfortunately, make the world go round. Money is power, and money commands respect. It’s ugly but true. For moms, life with our kids makes us rich enough. But when they’re all grown up and independent, what will happen to us?

Side Hustles

So many women are picking up side hustles now because they want more financial freedom and independence. We’re all educated, intelligent, resourceful women so why wouldn’t we put our talents to good use? Side hustles are small ways to earn money on the side of our main day-to-day work. Many can be started today (source: Side Hustle Nation). You might be a full-time mom, but you can still blog, review, bake, coach, and educate others. These are just a few of the things full-time moms can get up to during nap times or in the evenings.

Back To A Career

If you’ve managed to keep your full-time job going, then chances are you’ve managed to keep your pension payments going. This is so important because as we age, we won’t want to work anymore. In some cases, we simply might not be able to. All of us will need an income, and that’s why a pension is essential. You’re already a master of frugality but don’t you want a comfortable retirement with a few indulgences? If you haven’t got one, it’s time to start a pension fund! As for the career? A job is great, but if parenting is what you need to be doing, then try a side hustle to keep your skills and your pension pot on top.

Partner Help

Of course, for many of us, our partner provides everything we need. The mortgage is paid, and there’s cash available whenever we need it. But regardless of how strong your relationship is, you might want financial independence for other reasons. There are three ways to come into money: Marry it, inherit it or earn it (source: Women’s Wealth).

There are many strong, independent, and successful women out there who are also partners, mothers and doting daughters. They have worked hard and pushed hard to achieve financial independence through their jobs and businesses. Every woman has it within them. Sure, they need the support of their families and friends as much as anyone else. But they had a vision, a goal, and they did what it took to win.

Financial independence is about having the money you need now as well as in the future. It’s about finding ways to earn and build your fortune as you want. Do you have a vision for your future wealth?

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