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The Best Money Saving Strategy? Make More!

The Best Money Saving Strategy? Make More!Families are always short on money. Therefore, you might spend your time scrolling through money saving tips. Here’s the best one you will hear – make money. Sorry if that sounds facetious because that wasn’t the aim. At Miss Frugal Mommy, we are aware that it isn’t as simple as clicking your fingers or planting a money tree. However, there are ways to earn extra and bump up the family’s budget.

Here are the ones which are available to pretty much everyone. Hopefully, they’ll make a difference to your finances.

Go Online

It isn’t easy to find money-making schemes which are legitimate because there are too many fakes. Once you do, though, there is an excellent chance the money will begin to roll through the door. The trick is to use this Wealthy Affiliate Review – Real Way to Make Money Online – post to check whether the job offer is genuine. Aside from that, there are still niche blog topics which need more digital column inches. If you can find one, the amount of sponsorship will be tremendous. Or, eBay and Gumtree are excellent places to sell “junk” which you no longer need. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Work Overtime

No one wants to work two jobs at once. The thought alone is enough to make you wince at all the effort. So, the key is to milk more money from your current employer. For the cynical people out there who think it’s impossible, prepare to be amazed. As it turns out, employers want their workers to take on extra hours to increase output. The more quality work you do, the better it reflects on the company. All you have to do is mention that you are willing to work overtime or on weekends. If they agree, don’t be afraid to use your leverage to increase your pay.

Get A Cashback Credit Card

The best card companies have promotions which you should exploit. Everyone is aware of 0% interest on purchases, but not many people understand a cashback scheme. In simple terms, the company pays you back a proportion of the money you spend every month. Say the percentage is 5%, they will reimburse your account as long as there isn’t an overdue balance. If you pay the debt in full each month, you could make hundreds in cashback payments per year. Credit cards aren’t all doom and gloom.

Switch Savings Account

Lots of people have their savings in a regular account. The problem is that the market fluctuates and messes with the rate. If you haven’t checked it in a while, the rate of interest might be no more than 0.1%. By switching to a more generous provider, your potential to make money increases. And, it only takes five to ten minutes to secure a deal with a competitor. Over the short-term, the savings aren’t considerable. However, if you don’t touch your money for a long time, it could accrue a significant amount of interest. If you want to make money, these are the best places to start.

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  1. I think going online is the most impactful way of making more money. Sure, using cashback card and switching savings account may make a few more bucks, but it’s hard to beat starting another venture entirely.

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