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Apps To Keep The Kids Quiet

During the winter the weather is much more miserable and we are generally treated to many more rainy days in the house. If you have kids, you’ll know that it can be difficult enough keeping them entertained on a regular day, let alone when it is miserable outside. You will probably be familiar with the shouts of ‘muuuuum’ every two minutes and the thought of a quiet night in is a distance dream.

Baby Bubbles

Think fruit ninja without the fruit… or the big knife. This child friendly game is as simple as it gets. Bubbles appear on the screen and your child can pop them to their hearts content. Perfect for keeping the kids entertained while you cook dinner.

Disney Color and Play

If you want to keep the kids quiet for a while in the evenings, Disney is always the answer. This game in particular is great for kids because they can interact with all of their favourite disney characters. Once they have colored in a character, it will come to life and then the will be able to play with their character on screen. It features characters from Cars, Big Hero 6, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and loads more.

Toca Nature

If you’ve ever played farmville before, then this type of game will be very familiar to you already. For this game your children will be able to create their own forest by planting things, watching them grow in different climates and giving homes to a range of creatures. It’s such a relaxing game that you might even want to try it yourself.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

This game is perfectly reminiscent of the original game by Nintendo, and let’s your child create a character and build their own campsite. Along the way they will meet lots of animals who will ask for fish, bugs, fruit and other items which you can catch around the map. Your kid can build up their campsite and complete seasonal events to add special decorations to the site.

YouTube Kids

To keep your children entertained with video, YouTube kids is the perfect solution. This part of YouTube blocks out any adult content and leaves your child with a huge range of different videos they can watch. It will keep them quiet as you scroll through Netflix in the evening. You could even download the videos using a youtube video converter so that your child can watch videos even when you are out and about! Trust me, when you are going around the supermarket, this is a gamechanger. 

The Simpsons Tapped Out

Join the USA’s most famous family as Homer accidentally blows up springfield and you are tasked with building it back up again from scratch. The great thing about this game is that even when the kids have built up a huge town, there is always more to do and see. You’ll have special events for Christmas, Easter, Halloween and more.

Masterpiece for Osmo

This app is perfect if your children have a bit of a creative streak. You can take photos in the real world, and the app will then convert these photos into simple lines. Your child can then have fun coloring in the photos and even tracing the design themself. You never know, you could end up looking like a purple alien if your child has anything to do with it!


A kids version of iBooks, you can download lots of different titles such as comic books, magazines and tonnes more. It will keep your child learning as you get a moment’s peace in the evening.

Dumb Ways to Die

One of the more random games out there: dumb ways to die features small characters completing a range of different tasks. You could be hurdling, pulling a rope or doing lots of other things. If you fail the task, the cartoon character dies in a random way. This one is of course for older kids.

Final Fantasy 15

Get Final Fantasy 15 in your pocket if you can’t afford to buy the console game. Your child can have fun in their own fantasy world, creating a kingdom filled with different creatures, battling baddies and playing with powerful magic. Your child can even make friends on the game and help them defend their kingdom as it comes under attack.

Candy Crush

Lastly is perhaps the most iconic game on the mobile apart from Angry Birds. Candy Crush is an irritatingly addictive games which will keep your kids, and you, occupied for hours and hours on end. This game is filled with color, fun candies and hundreds of levels to complete. Match up the colors, and use special candies to clear the board and complete levels against friends.

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