Netflix Shows That Feature Strong Female Role Models

As a mother with both daughters and a son, I can honestly say that I have seen a significant difference in the types of characters on TV. It always seems like the toy aisles are overflowing with superheroes and army men while the girls section displays princesses and fairies. I think that it is important not only to be a strong role model for my daughter’s, but to also make sure she is inspired in other ways by inspirational women. I have put together a list of shows on Netflix that feature strong women role models!

Here are some iconic moments where girls stole the spotlight on Netflix. When it comes to saving the day, these girls don’t need an extra hand. 

A Series of Unfortuante Events

Dragons Race to the Edge

Legend Quest

Lego Friends

Little Prince

One Day at a Time

Project MC2

Tarzan & Jane

Troll Hunters

We have had the pleasure of watching most of these shows and I am so impressed with how the shows created such strong and inspiration women characters. I think that there needs to be more movies and shows out there that show the women saving the day… not her needing a prince to save her from a dragon. Our daughters need to learn that they are capable of being the hero in their story!

I hope this post was inspirational to you and has given you some ideas to encourage the young girls in your life to be strong and inspirational! Let me know in the comment section down below if your daughter enjoys any of these shows and if so, which one is her favorite.

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