Getting Your Backyard Ready For Spring

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Getting Your Backyard Ready For Spring

I have partnered with Roundup® to help your family get the lawn ready for spring so you can have a yard worth being proud of!

One of the reasons that I fell in love with our current home was the enormous fenced in backyard! My mind immediately started imagining all of the ways we were going to enjoy that backyard; a playground for the kids, a new patio set, grilling every night and no worries about kids wandering away from the yard. I was so filled with hopes and dreams about the fun we were going to have in the yard that I completely neglected to consider how much work it was going to be to maintain it.  I wasn’t used to being responsible for so much land and it has definitely been a learning experience these past several years.

With warmer weather and longer days, we are spending much more time in the yard these days and I have decided now is the best time to start getting the lawn ready for spring!

Getting Your Backyard Ready For Spring

With three kids that utilize the yard practically every single day, it is important for us that the lawn is a place where they can get down in the grass and roll around with their four legged buddy. The one thing that has always bothered me about the lawn are these random patches of weeds that just sprout up sporadically throughout the yard. In addition to that… there just seems to be several different types of weeds/flowers/clovers that grow in small batches throughout the yard which grow much faster than the regular grass. I feel like I mow the lawn more frequently just because those weeds and such grow so fast! I decided that this was the year that we are really going to tackle these issues I have always had with the lawn.

The first steps we are going to take is to clear the yard of all leaves, sticks and debris with a day of raking. Then there needs to be some re-seeding done in bare patches of the yard. Mulch needs to be reapplied in areas around trees and rose bushes we have planted in the yard. Once the yard is cleaned up, this will make it easier to find the problem areas… those dreaded weeds that need to go! Just look at those patches of weeds (image down below!)

Getting Your Backyard Ready For Spring

I have been doing some research on the most effective ways to clear the yard of these weeds and I discovered the solution. Roundup® is the #1 weed killing brand for over 40 years! They have a new Roundup For Lawns formulas that are specifically made for northern and southern regions. There is no doubt that the grass grows differently in different regions of the country… trust me, I was born and raised in Maine and have lived in Georgia the past 3 years… there is no question about it that my lawn issues are much different now that I live in the south. Thankfully Roundup for Lawns has created products that are meant to handle different grass types.

 photo 500901005_2.jpgI received a bottle of the new Roundup For Lawns Ready-to-Use, specifically for the south and formulated for sensitive southern grasses such as, Floratam and Centipedegrass, (not just a watered down version of the northern formula). I am really excited to start tackling all of those problem areas this spring, it’s so reassuring to know that Roundup For Lawns is going to help to kill the weeds but not my lawn! This weekend is supposed to be beautiful so the family and I will be out getting our yard ready for spring. Please make sure to keep an eye open for another post discussing the final results!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Roundup® For Lawns.

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