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UMIGO: A Vibrant World of Adventure Makes Math Fun For Kids!

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UMIGO: A Vibrant World of Adventure Makes Math Fun For Kids!

As a mother whom has a child that struggled with math in early elementary years, I understand the importance of finding engaging ways to help your child strengthen their math skills. My oldest daughter struggled with her math during the third grade and with the help of amazing teachers and math games, she finished the year with high honors! A piece of paper with a bunch of math equations can be confusing and intimidating when you have a child struggling to grasp the concept, it’s important to find an alternative approach in order to avoid them completely shutting down. I was provided with several math apps and websites from teachers at her school so my daughter could continue practicing outside of school. I was amazed at how excited she was to use these resources and even more thrilled when I saw that it was making a difference in both her work and confidence. We have recently discovered an app called UMIGO which is one of those resources I am pleased are available to children. Not only is this app full of ways to engage your child and make math a fun subject, but it is absolutely free to everyone! So what is UMIGO you ask? Let’s take a look!

UMIGO: A Vibrant World of Adventure Makes Math Fun For Kids!

UMIGO – You Make It Go – is a fun, vibrant world of adventure that uses the building blocks of math to engage early elementary age kids in narrative-driven “appisodes.” This app helps children develop the math skills they need for effective reasoning and problem solving. My two oldest children truly enjoyed exploring this game together, they were especially excited about the appisodes, this is a brilliant reward system and way to encourage your child to proceed onto the next level. A game that challenges my children, helps improve their math skills and is enjoyable to them… is there anymore more you could possibly ask for in an app!?

UMIGO’s free downloadable at-home activities engage families and educators in the child’s development of math and reasoning skills and are designed to make learning easy and most importantly… fun! UMIGO’s educational content is aligned with the Common Core Standards for Mathematics for first and second grades and is funded in part by a US Department of Education Ready to Learn grant awarded to WTTW Chicago Public Media. UMIGO kicked off the Summer of UMIGO on National Summer Learning Day, Friday, June 19, in an effort to help combat the “summer slide.” In partnership with the National Summer Learning Association (NSLA), UMIGO will bring its narrative-based appisodes, interactive games, activities, and educational resources to more than 70 communities around the country. If you want to find a location close to you, just take a look on the NSLA’s interactive map at Math will be one of the most important subjects your child will learn while in school, so make sure you give them a fun and easy way to learn and apply those skills!

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