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7 Ways You Can Make Your Living Room Look Luxurious

Decorating your home can be expensive and as much as we all wish it didn’t cost a lot, creating a magazine-worthy home will put a dent in your budget. Everything from mirrors, rugs, fabrics, and furniture can add up and do huge damage to the wallet. On top of that, if you go overboard and throw in a couple of high-end items to give it a luxurious look, it can blow the budget in no time. Fortunately, it is possible to decorate your living room without going over budget. There are some things that can be done easily to get a stylish and sophisticated look without spending all your money on it. A couple of investments can help you make your home look like you spent huge money on it than you really did. No matter the size of your living room, here are a few ideas to make it look magazine-worthy.

  1. Decorative molding

The cheapest way to give your home a high-end look is through decorative molding. It will take little time and you will be able to do it yourself over the weekend. You do not need the assistance of professionals nor do you need to have expertise in the task. Even if you want to hire a professional, it will be low-cost. To get an elegant and sophisticated look, you must paint the molding in the same color as your walls.

  1. Place an antique

Your living room reflects your style and personality. Nothing will give it a sense of history and wisdom more than a lovely antique. The best thing about antique items is that one cannot buy them at the supermarket. As against common notion, you do not need to spend a huge amount to own an antique, it can even be something you picked up at the flea market. There are large-scale items like mirrors, pieces of furniture, or lamps but even small accessories work well. You can pick antique photo frames, antique boxes, or sculptural wall scones to give the room a unique vibe and feel. It will make the room look like you spent a lot of money on it.

  1. Look for custom window treatments

The window plays a huge role in the living room. Besides letting sunshine in, it also has a strong impact on the feel and theme of the room. There is nothing like luxurious blinds that fit in the space and make it look personal and expensive. You do not need to change the entire look of the windows, just the right addition of curtains or blinds will do the trick. It is also a long-term investment for the home.

  1. Choose curvy shapes

A living room with clean and straight lines will fall flat. In order to add interest or depth to the room, you need to use different shapes. To make the room look luxurious and expensive, you should add some curvy items. It could be anything right from the lamp to the mirror or accessories. Place them in the right manner so that they do not overpower the room but remain an integral and elegant part of the area.

  1. Change lighting

It is a well-known fact that the lighting in your home can make or break the look. With small but effective changes in the lighting, you will be able to achieve a luxurious look. The best way to make a room look stylish is with dim lighting. Anything looks better in dim lighting and it gives a dramatic effect. Consider every light fixture in the room and add a dimmer switch. You will see magic instantly. It is a cheap and effective way to changing the look of the living room.

  1. Add metallic items

You can add a luxury look to the room with a couple of metallic items. They are easy to find but you must not overdo them. Use simple items like a gold leaf mirror or a brass table. You can also use a few pieces of vintage silver. These things can easily make the room look expensive and stylish. Do not pick large pieces because they will become the center of attention in the room and could kill the look.

  1. Fresh flowers

There is nothing as affordable and as effective as fresh flowers to instantly uplift the mood of the room. When it comes to flowers, you can go as large as you want. The larger the bouquet, the better the look. You do not need a large display on every surface but you must ensure that the bouquet is lush and full. Even a single bouquet will do the trick when placed on the coffee table.

Use these 7 effective tips to transform your living room from basic to luxurious. They do not cost much and will not take a lot of time or effort but is worth the investment.

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  1. I like the idea of adding metallic items. If you’re ready for big changes, you may want to install steel glass interior doors. Steel doors can transform the look and feel of any space and add an element of elegance. And also make your home look more spacious!

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