7 Unique Holiday Gift Ideas for Anyone in Your Family

When the holidays roll around, you feel that unique stress start to set in. You know the one: where you break out in a cold sweat at 3 AM because you haven’t figured out what gifts you plan on getting your family. Well, fret no longer. With this clever list of unique and creative holiday gifts, that stress will be over. Your family will joyfully unbox these fun items, ensuring a holiday filled with cheer, merriment, and most importantly, love. Read on to find out what you need for your holiday gift giving this year.

1. A pass for the movie theater. Wow, now that’s a fun idea. Everyone loves the movies, but with so many cheap streaming services available these days, it can be hard to justify the price for a ticket. Take that worry away by gifting someone in your family a movie theater pass subscription. These packages offer the chance to go see movies whenever you like for a flat monthly fee. You can buy your family member one for six months to deliver them half a year of fun at the big screen! After all, experiences make some of the best gifts.

2. Novelty socks. Socks may be considered a classic eye-roll-and-groan gift from grandma type holiday present by some – but they absolutely do not have to be. With so many great options for fun and exciting logo socks on the market, there’s no reason socks have to be a bore. Plus, with the coldest months to shortly follow the holiday season, your family will be glad they had a warm pair of fun socks to sport as they trudge through the snow or rain. If you want to offer a gift that keeps on giving, try a sock subscription! Your family will get to look forward to whatever interesting and zany socks are delivered each month.

3. Wearable tech. One of the coolest innovations of the past decade has been wearable tech. From bracelets and watches that track your fitness goals to even jackets and hats that have built-in tech features, wearable tech options present some of the coolest opportunities for gifts out there. Plus, if someone in your family has fitness goals they’re trying to reach in the new year, giving them a cool new gadget to help boost their results shows that you care about their personal goals as much as they do! What’s better than a thoughtful and useful gift? Not much.

7 Unique Holiday Gift Ideas for Anyone in Your Family

4. Museum or zoo membership. If you live in a larger town or city, chances are, there’s a zoo or maybe some museums. For the kids in your life, whether they’re your own or a niece or nephew, buying a yearlong membership to one of these institutions can be a great way to promote learning and early development. Kids love animals, dinosaurs, art, and fun science experiments. Those are the kinds of interests it’s a good idea to foster in your little ones too. But it’s not just restricted to them – there’s no reason mom or dad can’t be lifelong learners as well!

5. Cleverly curated consumables. Sometimes consumables are a bit of a cop-out gift. Don’t know what to get the in-laws? A bottle of wine should make ‘em happy. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. By putting together a gift basket of your recipient’s favorite consumable items, you show that you truly care about their interests. Know that our step-dad loves Shiraz and Manchego? Put together a delightful wine and cheese board for him on Christmas day. Maybe your daughter is a fan of spa days? Try out a gift basket packed with lotions, masks, bath bombs, and more.

7 Unique Holiday Gift Ideas for Anyone in Your Family

6. Vacation package. This one is a little pricier – but always appreciated. Get your recipient a gift card that can be used to purchase airline tickets, a hotel room, or stay at a spa or resort! They’ll be sure to love the thought, especially if you pick out a place they have always wanted to visit.

7. Streaming service. With so many cool new streaming services soon to be released, there are bound to be some that have the shows your family hankers for. One thoughtful way to say Happy Holidays is to gift them a year of subscription to one of these services! As they watch episode after episode, they’re sure to think of you fondly.

Let everyone know if you have any other go-to gift ideas for your family! Happy Holidays everyone!

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