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7 Christmas Decoration Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank

Christmas is a joyous and merry time, filled with laughter, mirth, and cheer for all. It’s also pretty expensive. With Christmas seeming to get more and more expensive every year, it feels like it’s harder to get in the spirit without overdraft fees heading your way, or bumping up against your credit limit. This Holiday season, it’s time to change all that. With a little bit of careful planning, creative decorating, and clever use of items you already have, you can get your home in the spirit for a fraction of the cost you’d ordinarily spend. Check out these seven tips on how you can decorate without breaking the bank this year.

1. Invest in reusable decorations. One way to make sure that your decorations on point without breaking the bank is to invest in some Christmas decorations that can be used year after year. Instead of purchasing a brand-new natural tree every year, why not opt for a reusable fake tree that can be stored and brought out for the holidays? Sure, it might not be exactly the same, but once it’s covered in ornaments and lit up with lights, you won’t even notice the difference! Other decorations that can be easily reused include lights, ornaments, and festive clothing like a light up Christmas sweater!

2. Go thrifting! It’s time for you to pop some tags with only $20 in your pocket this holiday season. Thrift stores offer amazing options for those who are looking to decorate without going overbudget. Whether you purchase a reusable tree at a thrift store, festive dining wear, or a statue of your favorite Christmas characters, it’s sure to come at barely a fraction of the cost you would encounter if you bought new. The great thing is, thrift stores take donations from all sorts of people, so you might encounter some serious luxury items combing through those aisles. Plus, you never know what you’ll find, so it’s tons of fun.

3. Check out the bargain aisle. Many large retailers have a bargain section where you can find some serious swag for a steal. Small decorations, like scented Christmas candles, ornaments, banners, and frames can all be easily found in these parts of stores. With prices often under $5, you’ll be thrilled to be able to decorate your space with Christmas cheer without getting hit with any of those pesky reminders from your credit card company.

4. DIY some Holiday cheer. One fun way to get in the spirit while saving yourself some cash is by making your own decorations at home! With a little ingenuity, you’ll see that you can start crafting decorations out of common items in a jiffy. Consider, for example, gathering a few pine cones from the local park, then drizzling them with glue and rolling them in glitter. These make the perfect decorations for a centerpiece, on a bookshelf, or strung together as a hanging garland that can be placed over a mantle or doorway!

5. Make some holiday art! Similar to doing DIY decorations, you might also choose to make some art for your place to get festive this Holiday season. Get the kids together, spread some newspaper over the dining room table, bust out the watercolor paints, and get started on some holiday art! You can hang the paintings around the house as decoration, and keep them to look back on all the joyful Christmas memories you’ve shared throughout the years.

6. Play some Christmas tunes. Hey, who ever said decorations had to be strictly visual? One easy way to fill a space with Holiday cheer is to play Christmas music whenever you’re home. Come late December, as you cook dinner or get the kids’ lunches ready, use a speaker to play Christmas tunes throughout your house or apartment. Even if you have minimal decorations around, they will be brought out by the joy of the jingles, and the spirit of Christmas will fill you and your family with cheer.

7. Fill the space with people you love. Alright, we admit it, this one isn’t technically a decoration. Still, it’s important. The true meaning of the Holidays is spending time with those that you love and cherish, and conveying to them how much they mean to you. Better than any decoration is the opportunity to spend time around Christmas with the people you love.

Those are our ideas for frugal Holiday décor! If you have any holiday decoration hacks you’d like to share, let us know in the replies.

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  1. Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year, and I am looking forward to getting started decorating the house. My husband is making me wait until the day after Thanksgiving, so I am counting down the days! Every so often, we like to switch up decor pieces, and a great way to do it is by having a decor swap with friends and family. Everyone brings a certain number of decor pieces. All of the items are fair game, so you can trade, barter, and donate decor to your friends and family while snagging some new stuff to breathe new life into your holiday home decor.

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