7 Customizable Gift Ideas to Make Your Loved One Full of Gratitude

What is a creative way to let others know they are appreciated? To show someone you care with a custom gift is a great gesture. It shows you took your time selecting something they will appreciate. It shows you pay attention to details by connecting something about them to the item or product gifted. Sometimes it takes a minute to think about what to give as the perfect gift when choosing something to customize, especially when you want to give something different or out of the ordinary. Fortunately, there are plenty of items to consider helping understand the possibilities. Here are seven ideas for gifts you can personalize for someone special.

1. Framed print featuring their favorite, quote, lyric, or poem

Does your loved one refer to favorite words or messages of inspiration? Give them something they will remember based on what they admire. A gift featuring motivational words or quotes not only shows you thought about their interests, but it’s a reminder to them about certain situations in life. Many words and thoughts are associated with an event or person. You can write a poem about what you like about them or how they have made an impact on your life. Or, consider bible verses or text they enjoy reading from their favorite writer or author. The words you choose will be the perfect complement to the style of the frame you choose to display them.

2. A tailored outfit

Add something unique and fresh to their wardrobe with clothing inspired by their fashion sense. New clothes give people a great feeling because they highlight the best features a person likes most about themselves. But a custom made outfit such as a dress or suit that fits them perfectly and made with their style in mind can be mind-blowing for the recipient. The gift is even better when it’s something they’ve never had before, and it made with their favorite color. You could also consider a custom t-shirt or jacket with a favorite picture, name, or something personal that reflects their values. Many may not have the funds to enjoy this luxury, so give it some thought before deciding on what to give.

3. Subscription featuring their favorite food

A gift idea rising in popularity features food items you can order and customize. Online gift options include sending friends and loved one’s gift boxes with their favorite food in mind. Consider something with health benefits such as coffee, nuts, or chocolate. If your loved one enjoys coffee, there are subscription options that let them receive gourmet coffee in the mail each month featuring their favorite flavor. You could also try delivery options featuring items they cook in the kitchen. If you don’t want to do a subscription, sending a gift basket or food tray is an alternative. Just check the options for subscriptions available to get an idea of how much you want to spend and how long the subscription lasts.

4. Jewelry

One of the most common custom gift ideas people looks forward to giving includes jewelry. With custom jewelry here are just a few ideas to consider personalizing for your loved one: zodiac necklace, letter charm pendant, engraved ring, name bracelet, etc.  A timeless piece such as a pocket watch would be a perfect choice too, as it symbolizes every moment in time when your friend or loved one accomplished something great. Quality gifts like this are made to last a lifetime. Jewelry is one of those gifts in which every time you look at it, you recall who gave it to you and why. There are endless possibilities for custom ideas from using their name initials, favorite colors, birth date, symbols, and more. Do they like cartoon characters, or do they like to travel? Consider a custom piece made with a detail people know them to make it stand out.

5. Print pillow

Give a gift that adds a personal touch to their living room or bedroom décor. Getting creative with a print pillow has options worth exploring. You can choose to print the pillow featuring a picture of you and your loved one. Maybe you have a picture of your loved one’s pet or children you can feature. You could also do words, poems, or lyrics they would find sentimental. The gift option is affordable, and it is something your loved one will be proud to display in their home. For more ideas do a search on the internet for print pillow ideas. And with heat transfer vinyl, you can easily customize it to be something personal that they will love.

6. Stationery

If your loved one loves to write, they will enjoy a custom stationery set. They are available in different styles and features. As an affordable custom gift, it is something they can use when writing reminder notes, letters, or display it on their desk as office décor. They can have a notepad with their name. You could take it a step further and include a custom pen with their name or other personal details. If they own a business, their business name, or what their business is known for may be printed on stationary or pen.

7. Throw blanket

Throw blankets during chilly months are great companions to keep you warm and cozy. They also make great décor items for the bedroom or living room sofa. No matter the size of the blanket, what you choose to personalize it with makes it a one of a kind type of gift. Their pet, children, or any memorable image may be used to decorate the blanket. You may want to use their name for inspiration and have it printed using different size fonts.

8. A Custom Painting

Everyone acknowledges beauty. Getting your picture transformed into an amazing oil painting can adorn the walls of your home and make you cherish that moment for years to come. Displaying a beautifully painted artwork of yourself and your loved ones on the walls will definitely be a piece of uncommon art.

How do you know which option is best to give your loved one? Choosing something to make into a personal gift item takes consideration. Think about attributes you know about the person you want to present the gift. Think about things they may already have that is personalized. As you think about potential ideas, consider something they can use or something that would complement their personal style. The reason why you’re presenting the gift is an essential element that may help you make a final decision. Why you’re giving it to them will be what they remember the most.

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