Learning How to Knit

So, you have been itching to make that gorgeous hand knit sweater and scarf. And you are out there and thinking with your yarn of the month in hand. And now you are ready to have a go at creating something fanciful that you have been brewing in your mind.

Wanting to learn how to knit is itself a door that you opened to a part of you that you may not have known to exist. And to that we say congrats, and welcome to the world of knitting. It might be intimidating but all you have to do is learn some basic techniques. After that, you will be well on your way to an addictive hobby you can virtually take with you anywhere and you can do at any time.

There are a lot of things that you should consider before you get started. There are some sanity saving tricks that will let you do your knitting adventure in peace, a lot easier and more fun. While there are definitely a want to know how to knit and purl, probably the most valuable tip, especially for beginners, is not at all related to any knitting technique. We are going to talk about these tips and hopefully will give you a nice send off to a craze that has affected many.

Do not going crazy on supplies

When you knit more and more, you will start figuring out what kind of needles you prefer say, bamboo or aluminum and you will become more circumspect in checking out your knitting friends notions and experiment to see which ones you like. That is why you should hang onto your money as for as long as possible while you are just starting out. And before you blow it on supplies you may never use, look at all the yarn beauties that may change your mind.

Look for cheaper yarn when starting

Look for yarns that are featured labeled aptly as yarn of the month when you are still learning. As a newcomer in knitting, you are going to be poking and stretching your yarn and ripping out stitches like a crazy person. That is why you should start with inexpensive, synthetic yarns and save the fancy, embellished yarns for later when you have gained more experience. Why should you spend money on something fancy and shiny when the only to get the yarn frayed and tangled as you rip out stitches.

When you feel confident enough and ready to take on your first big project, do rush to the local yarn store, buy something pretty and roll around in it like Scrooge McDuck swimming in gold coins.

Do not disregard the lighter colors

Sometimes first time knitters are quickly drawn to the bolder colors which is understandable. However, even a simple worsted-weight yarn will make your life a lot easier if you are taking on those simpler beginner projects. If you think about getting a lighter color, you will be able to see the stitches more clearly and know when you have done mistakes. Choosing yarn of the month schemes will let you end up with more balanced combinations for your project.

Experiment, experiment, experiment

It is sometimes not as easy to jump into knitting especially when an unfamiliar technique pops up in a pattern, but do not run for the hills just yet. The yarn overs and cables might look terrifying at first glance, but they are not supposed to be. In addition, would it be fine for you to really let something as simple as a decrease stop you from knitting that gorgeous sweater?

Inspiration is all around us

Try to explore knitting patterns from all over the internet or from your friends to get ideas for all the cool stuff you will eventually be able to knit. You can also look patterns and group them based on how difficult they are to knit. There is no shortage of simple novice but still cute knitting patterns to try and test your beginner skill.

You can also start with social media and keep tabs on all the knitting patterns you want to make someday. There are plenty of knitting addict groups out there always ready to give you some inspiration. When you start feeling down with your knitting, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and turn back to the social media walls for motivation. At the very least, you can rekindle your passion and soon you will be able to knit all those fabulous patterns.

Ask for help

No man is an island and there is no such thing as a loner when it comes to knitting. Unbeknown to some, knitting is actually a social activity. How else are you able to show off the pretty hats that you made.There are dozens of online and offline resources for would be knitters and all it takes is a few taps on the phone. And do not be scared to take the leap and join as many beginner classes as you need to make sure you are knitting as well as you have hoped to be.

Do not go full crazy

There are times when you might feel the need to follow through just so you can satisfy that urge to complete your pretty little project. If you are tempted to throw your needles across the room and ravage a pizza box stop and take a deep breath. Unclench your fist, wipe off some of that ketchup, and put your project aside for a few hours. You can always pick it up again when you are calmer.

However the wonders of knitting are, it is true that when you are frustrated with a stitch, it almost always end up sabotaging your project. So do not try to push that knit. Step away, breathe and when you come back to your senses and try to subdue that troublesome stitch or technique, you will look at it with fresh eyes and figure it out much more easily than when you were mad.

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