5 Easy Tips To Stay Organized

Organized people have to cultivate healthy habits, which then helps to stay in order.

Even if you believe you are a very disorganized person, you can learn to be organized with time and patience. From planning, writing down notes, to ditching the unnecessary and organizing daily routines, you will become an organized person as long as you’re willing to learn and practice. Here are some essential habits on how to organize your life:

1 – Create a To-Do-List

Whether it’s in your mobile planner or on a piece of paper, before you start your week/ day, create a detailed to-do list of everything you need to accomplish. That way you’re not relying on yourself to remember and you have one constraint. According to the assistant executive director for the American Psychological Association, “We spend a lot of mental energy trying to keep track of all the things we need to remember.” For instance, don’t waste brain power on trying to keep track of everything that needs to get done that week. You will definitely feel less fatigued and work efficiently.

2 – Do Not Let Work Pile Up

When you’re doing different projects on distant directions, it can be tempting to stay focused on the one task at hand and let everything else aside until you’re done. You should however tidy and organize your projects so you can be more effective. It’s a huge help if you do it right away, rather than piling up on excess to-do jobs that will lead to a decrease in success rate.

Jamie Novak, author of 1,000 Best Quick and Easy Organizing Secrets, a great quick book you should take a look, mentioned in an article that, “If you can do a task in two minutes or less, you must do it right then. File that one folder instead of making a pile to be filed later. Spend five minutes at the end of the day wrapping up, putting away things you used during the day and pulling items you’ll need for the next day.” Doing little steps like that to keep things in order goes a long way in keeping you organized keeping the chaos down to a minimum you can easily handle.

3 – Don’t Procrastinate

The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to get it done. If you want your life to be less stressful and less demanding, then organize and do it as soon as you can. Putting in the effort to get things done as soon as possible will lift the weight off of you from doing it later. In addition, the more you can do if less work you would consider pilling up. If there is no work to be done later because you’re doing as described, then you will feel even better for accomplishing personal work objectives. So, don’t hold your horses and start doing your chores now.

4 – Only Keep What You Need

Less is more, and that’s why we would highly recommend you to watch Matt D’Avella YouTube channel. He’s an organized minimalist that lives a simpler life while testing some basic principles out. More stuff means, probably, more mess and less focus. People who live organized lives only keep what they need and what they really want.

Having fewer material objects also means that you enjoy them more and will feel better while using them, rather than letting some collect dust. You will start purchasing smarter and smarter buys are a step forward to an organized life.

5 – Work Hard

Put in effort when necessary. In other words, if your doing what you love, as your job should be, you should put effort in it. Delegate responsibilities organize a schedule and finally organize what you have to do and when you have to do it. If you have to do it, them put some effort into it. The more effort you put, the quicker you’ll be finishing it with a maximum of detail as needed. The key is always an equilibrium work point. Work harder when you feel like giving up and you’ll definitely change you work perspective.

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