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7 Easy And Inexpensive Ways To Keep Kids Entertained

Being a parent is hard work, and keeping your kids entertained is one of the toughest things of all. If you aren’t very careful, ensuring your little ones are kept busy can cost you a king’s ransom, which is why having a list of go-to low-cost ways to entertain the kids is so vital. Check out my list of low-cost ways to fight off the cries of ‘I’m Bored’ next time your kids have nothing to do.

Play Dress Up

Use your old clothes, cheap thrift store outfits and cheap fancy dress costumes from places like Walmart, to create a fun dress up box and let your kids use their imagination to have some low-cost fun when they’re at a loose end.

Visit the Local Library

Ah the library, the savior of so many busy mommies. A trip to the library is a great way to keep kids busy as they browse through the many tomes, hear a story and best of all choose books to bring home.

Visit the Park

If you’re kids are brimming with energy and you want to calm them down, there is nothing like a trip to the park to let them blow off steam, run themselves ragged and get a good night’s sleep once they get home.

Streaming Services

Streaming services are undoubtedly the most expensive idea on the list, if you choose a paid package, but you get a lot for your money, especially if you are using a service like Verizon Fios, where you get TV, fiber optic internet and your home phone in one affordable package. Although you shouldn’t rely on streaming TV and music to keep your kids happy, it’s a good go to on rainy days and days when you need to be at home. So, consider looking into Verizon fios availability or signing up for Hulu, streaming Youtube or Netflix for instant access to entertainment at the touch of a button.


Crafting can be as cheap or expensive as you like. Your kids are likely to have just as much fun turning trash into artwork as they are using expensive equipment to make a masterpiece. So, save up your old cardboard, plastic bottles and magazines and let your kids give them a new lease of life.

Go Camping

Kids love camping. They enjoy being outdoors exploring all the wonders of nature and having a great time with their family and camping can be pretty cheap. Of course, if you don’t have all the equipment already, you will need to invest in a tent, walking boots, etc., but once you have them, you will always be able to pick up and head off with very few expenses beyond the cost of gas and camp food. We love some of the options that Uviloon mentions in their post about the 9 best play tents for indoor and outdoor use.

Play Board Games

Board games are great for challenging kids, getting them to work together and, most importantly, keeping them entertained. Best of all, you can pick up board games at thrift stores for very little, or you could even make your own if you want to be really frugal!

What do you do when you want to entertain your kids without spending too much money?

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