How to Plan a Successful Family Camping Trip

There Are Different Sorts Of Camping and the definition of what exactly camping is can differ hugely from family to family. Some people like to take a sleeping bag outside at night at summer and sleep under the stars – but if you’re going on a camping trip then chances are you want to be a little better prepared than that. Maybe you want to huddle up in a tent or maybe you want to rent a camper van on a proper campsite – no matter what you choose, make sure you’re prepared, is a great place to start for all your camping supplies.

You Will Still Have To Budget Carefully

Camping might often be seen as a cheap vacation and it can be if you don’t have to pay for a hotel or sometimes even flights or much transport depending on where you’re going. But hiring a camper van or a space on a reputable campsite can be costly, and if you’re renting other materials then the cost can also go up. Make sure you’re aware of prices before you start booking things.

You Might Have To Rough It

If you’re used to five star hotels then camping might be a very different experience with shared bathrooms and a distinct lack of a comfortable mattress. It’s a completely different kind of vacation – just remember that you’re not the only person looking rumpled and a little big messy and that you’re all in it together and you’ll be perfectly happy. Also, if you tend to have a sore back make sure that your sleeping arrangements will be adequate for you.

Always Be Prepared!

It’s important to make sure that you take everything you need with you, from more general vacation gear like sunscreen and insect repellent to more specific camping equipment like a camp stove, a kettle to boil water and fold up chairs so you can sit in comfort outside. If you’re looking for a generator then check out what other people have to say online – has the best reviews of quiet generators.

Be Civil With Your Family

Remember that if you go camping with your family, you’re going to be spending a lot of time together in a relatively small space, so there may be arguments between you all – after all, it’s said that familiarity breeds contempt! ‘Contempt’ might be too strong a word but you should be aware that your kids may occasionally fight and that you and your partner might snap at each other. Remember to defuse arguments and to take a deep breath and just walk away.

It’s Fun To Make Friends!

One of the best things about going camping at campsites is the fact that there are plenty of other people there who are in close proximity so it’s easy to make friends and socialize together. The great thing about friends that you make on vacation is that you all know that you might not be friends forever and that’s okay – you don’t have to have tons of things in common other than this shared experience of being on vacation together to be perfectly happy to spend time with each other.


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