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599Fashion Review

A special thanks to 599Fashion for providing me with free clothes for reviewing purposes!


About 599Fashion

“Why are your prices so low?” or “Is this website real?” These are questions we get asked quite a lot, and it’s very understandable, considering the selection of merchandise we carry and sell for only $5.99 or less.

The merchandise we sell is high quality and 100% brand new. Our items have never been worn, and are not store returns or damages. We buy our merchandise directly from local manufacturers all around the world but mostly from right here in Los Angeles, CA, where we are based out of.

We have a long history with a lot of the manufacturers we work with therefore are able to purchase large quantity from them at lowest possible prices. Because we do not have the huge expenses of a regular brick and mortar retail store we are able to pass on the savings to our customers and offer everything for one low price of $5.99 or LESS.

 My Review

I am all about shopping and fashion, especially when it involves getting the best deals! When I first discovered 599Fashion I could not believe how incredibly low their prices were… too good to be true in my opinion! There just had to be some sort of catch because there was certainly no way these clothes were going to be that inexpensive and not be poor quality. I am looking through all these great sales and finally managed to narrow it down to three items. I kept looking at the images and thinking to myself “wow, these appear to be very nice clothes!” However, I was still very skeptical and certainly not expecting to receive exactly what was in the picture… the price was just way too low! Boy was I wrong! My jaw literally dropped when I opened my package and examined the new clothes, they really were as nice as they appeared to be in the pictures! As the name of this blog clearly shows, I am all about saving money and being frugal and this website has officially become one of my favorite places to practice my frugal habits! They have everything you can think of fashion wise and all items are $5.99 or cheaper. Amazing right? You have to check these deals out for yourself and trust me fans, you will find plenty of items to shop for! This would be the perfect place to shop and get really cheap clothing for Christmas gifts!

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