The Coziest Pajamas For Kids!

I received this product for free from Moms Meet ( to use and post my honest opinions. Compensation for this post was provided and this page may contain affiliate links. Is there anything more adorable than matching pajamas!? I love matching my two youngest daughter’s outfits and they equally enjoy


Things You Should Consider Before You Get a Pet

Pet ownership rose exponentially during the pandemic as more and more people sought out the company whilst they were stuck in their homes. Pets are great; they offer companionship, they can lower stress levels and even improve your mental health. That being said, you need to consider many things before


Do You Really Need Home Insurance?

Home insurance is a popular insurance scheme that people take out alongside schemes like auto insurance, health insurance and life insurance. While home insurance can save some people a lot of money in a disaster, it can be a waste of money for others. This guide looks into whether you


4 Ps of a Marketing Mix Strategy

A marketing mix is the central concept of marketing. The term “mix” was first developed by Adler in 1947. Adler’s “package deal” was the first marketing mix. Today, the term marketing mix is often used interchangeably with “branded product”. The marketing mix is a framework for companies, historically focused on


5 Marketing Strategies for Market Positioning

Market positioning is a crucial part of a company’s marketing mix. Market positioning describes the position that a particular brand occupies in the public’s mind and how it differs from the ideas of other products and the brands of competitors. In the business environment, market positioning allows a company to


A Brief Description Of The Marketing Mix

The term “marketing mix” has, in recent years, been the main foundation model for most companies, historically focused on price, product, location, and publicity. However, the marketing mix is much more complex today. More companies are using different marketing approaches to their markets. The basic marketing mix remains constant though


A Marketing System Can Lead to Success – Or Failure

A marketing system is any structured system enabling many buyers and sellers to exchange and reach a common goal: facilitating deals and helping buyers and vendors interact. Marketing systems are used in all kinds of economic activity including the purchase and sale of goods, services, and ideas. The term is


The Pros & Cons Of Short Term Investments

Typically, when the topic of investments comes up, you think about investing in an asset, then keeping it for as long as possible. Your 401k or other retirement funds are examples of this, as is investing in company shares and leaving them for decades. These are long-term investments as you


Six Reasons To Get A Will Sorted Out

Did you know that most people get to their 50s having not written a Will? It’s something that you should be looking into as early as getting your first job, but if you haven’t considered it yet, let this be the article to convince you of why you need to.

Frugal Living

7 Mistakes To Avoid When Investing Your Money

Instead of just saving money in a jar or a checking account, it makes sense to invest it. Investing allows you to grow your money more quickly. Common investment strategies include using high-interest savings accounts, buying and selling stocks, buying and selling currencies and renting out property to tenants.  Of

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