5 Frugal Ways To Make Moving Homes Easier

This post is sponsored by Sam’s Club.  All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. #SamsClub3M I am so thrilled that moving our family is a thing of the past! About 5 years ago we made one of the biggest moves of our lives and drove all the way from Maine to Georgia. A little over a year ago we purchased our very first home and made our one last move into the new home. I don’t Read More

Do I Really Need A Financial Adviser?

This post is sponsored by CFP Lets Make A Plan.  All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. #LetsMakeAPlan My husband and I had been saving up for years and finally last year, we took our hard earned money and purchased our very first home. This was by far one of the biggest and scariest financial commitments we have ever made and one we took very seriously. Our biggest fear was that we would get in over Read More

Hark the Herald Angels Sing

Angels have always had a starring role to play at Christmas, you will often see them perched precariously on top of decadently decorated trees. But the spiritual beings aren’t just popular at Christmas, they are revered by many. They are considered the epitome of all that is decent and holy- attendants of heaven and messengers of god. Angels and The Christmas Story We know that angels feature in the Christmas story, they were present at Read More

Shape Up With These Six Tips

Summer is the time to kick back and relax. There is a reason why people all across the globe look forward to the sunshine and holidays. You have worked hard all year and now you are ready to have some fun! But you cannot really enjoy yourself if you are not happy with yourself. Physical insecurities and unaccomplished goals can take a huge toll on your mood! You don’t want to spend the summer sulking at Read More

The Key To Surviving This Busy Holiday Season

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #UnbeatableComfort #CollectiveBias Heading to the store to prepare for the upcoming holidays? Make sure that you don’t forget to include Scott®ComfortPlus Toilet Paper on your shopping list! From crazy schedules, to parties, to guests galore, keeping Scott®Toilet Paper on-hand is key to surviving this busy holiday season. If you used to purchase Scott® Extra Soft, Scott ComfortPlus is the Read More

The Benefits Of Adopting A Labrador

This post is sponsored by Nakturnal. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. I am a huge advocate for pet adoption and am always looking for ways to encourage and educate others in the importance of pet adoption! If you are considering welcoming a new dog into your home and have your heart set on a Labrador , I have some advice to share with you when it comes to the benefits of adopting Read More

Preparing For A Vacation In South America

There are lots of reasons why families might want to spend time in South America on holiday. That area of the world is home to many fascinating cultures and history. Indeed, there are lots of important archeological sites that still baffle many researchers today. However, mothers and fathers who want to have the best experience possible will need to prepare for the trip in advance. This article provides some travel safety tips and tricks that should help Read More

Silver vs Gold: Which Is The Best Jewelry To Buy?

When shopping for jewelry, there’s often one main question that will be the deciding factor, above all others. Gold, or silver? It’s an incredibly important one, too. It’s not like you’re just buying a loaf of bread – you’re buying an expensive item, and every single thing about it must be perfect. Gold and silver are the two most precious jewelry metals in the world, available in everything from rings to bracelets. As a result, Read More

Is A Sam’s Club Membership Worth It?

This post is sponsored by Sam’s Club.  All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. #NEWMOMSLOVESAMS I have to confess… I waited forever before taking the leap of faith and getting a Sam’s Club membership. I kept telling myself that I wasn’t going to really save enough money to make it worth paying for a membership. Despite all of my family members being loyal shoppers for years, I just couldn’t see the benefits of getting a membership. Read More

A Couple’s Guide to Choosing the Right Property

The process of buying a property as a couple might not be the smoothest journey ever but it’s worth your dedication. It involves making tough decisions together, which calls for a lot of compromise from both parties. Sometimes the making of those seemingly small decisions might be fun (or not) and it’s also normal to experience some disagreements here and there. Therefore, if you and your spouse are considering investing in a house, condo or Read More

5 Things About Psychic Readings That Could Change Your Perspective In Life

Wherever you go, you will surely see the deception in any way. Sometimes you are just a witness, an observer. There may also be times when you could be the victim. Psychic readings are one of the most used means. Therefore, there are many negative connotations associated with psychic readings. Psychics and Mediums are very similar in their ability to use the vibrations and energies that surround them to clarify past events and predict future Read More

Quick & Easy Meals For Kids

The air is finally cooler here In Georgia and while warm weather activities have subsided, they have quickly been replaced by many fall events. Festivals, sport practices, school events, homework and life make me often dread dinnertime. There are many nights where I find myself exhausted, overwhelmed and with barely enough time to help the kids get homework done… let alone dinner! Whenever I feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day, I turn Read More