How to Explain Divorce to a 4-year-Old

Divorce happens to be one of the most scaring words that a child can hear in the current world. A 4-year-old is a child who in most cases, has started pre-schooling. They do discuss with their peers about their home experiences, and some of them instill fear to the ones who live as a complete family. If couples break their marriages, children get to be part of the game, and most of them are marred Read More

Five Life Lessons Even Young Children Can Learn From Organized Sports

After school sports programs have so much to offer kids! Elementary school is the perfect time to get kids involved in after school sports— their interests and curiosity are budding, and they seem to have a limitless amount of energy! Many parents still remain hesitant about allowing their children to compete due to the chance of an injury. While this is a very real concern, we feel that it shouldn’t outweigh the opportunity for kids Read More

Four Home-Based Businesses That Are Simple to Start Up

Have you heard about the California couple who earned an easy $30K by reselling Trader Joe’s “Everything but the Bagel” seasoning on Amazon? Now, before you hop into your car and race to the nearest TJ’s, know that thanks to a video they posted online, detailing their method, the online bagel-seasoning market has been flooded. That doesn’t mean you can’t take a lesson from their entrepreneurial vision, however, and come up with a brilliant business Read More

7 Most Effective Ways You Can Fight Depression & Sadness

Over the last decade, we have seen an abundance of new research looking into the how and why behind depression. While depression is indeed both nasty and debilitating, we now also know that it isn’t a death sentence. In fact, there are several different things you can do to stay in a healthy mental state and stave off depression for good. So, without further ado – the 7 most effective ways to fight depression. 1. Read More

5 Things You Should Keep In Mind When Choosing Diaper Bag

After getting that bundle of joy, you will realize that you will use your diaper bag more than any other baby item you have. It becomes a regular companion to you as you need it not just for baby stuff but also your stuff. Majority of moms will need a diaper bag for almost two years to carry the diapers, baby wipes, baby clothes, lip glosses, wallet, and other baby and mom’s items. So, getting Read More

New Pet Owners: What to Know Before Your First Trip to the Veterinarian

Are you taking your pet to see a veterinarian for the first time and aren’t sure what to expect? Click here for insight into what your first visit might hold. Approximately 56 percent of households in the United States own at least one pet. Have you recently become part of this group? If so, then you’re probably getting ready to take your pet to the veterinarian for the first time. It’s normal to feel a Read More

Easy Tips To Keep Your Home Clean

Everyone prefers to have his or her house clean and organized. Unfortunately, a lot of us spend much of our time at work and when we get home, we are too tired to pick up a brush and scrub. Not everyone can afford to pay for private cleaning services, so instead of relaxing and having fun on the weekends, some of us use up the free time to finally clean the house. In this article, Read More

5 Reasons to Enroll Your Child in Martial Arts Classes

When it comes to teaching your children how to defend themselves, it’s important that you equip them with the best skills possible. It’s not all the time that you’re there to defend them. There are times that they should be on their own too. Aside from that, here are some of the reasons why you should enroll your child in martial arts classes. Enroll your child in martial arts Rochester, NY area today. 1. It’s Read More

Practical Tips on Attracting Customers to Your Online Store

We talked about different ways moms can start a business here on Miss Frugal Mommy. We also covered a lot of tips and tricks on getting the business rolling, especially for moms with a limited budget and not enough time to handle everything themselves. Thanks to the internet and ecommerce, it is much easier to set up a storefront; you can even start selling products in minutes. However, starting your own online store is just Read More

Taking Care of Your Family’s Health: 8 Important Reasons Why You Should Always Purify the Water Before Drinking It

Our water quality is deteriorating. With the current government axing regulations on what our businesses can dump into our water and air, there is no telling how it will impact our health. Backpackers and back-country travelers have long understood the importance of purifying water before they drink it but now more families are turning to home purification systems to enhance their water quality and remove any potentially dangerous chemicals. These are eight important reasons why Read More

Starting Your Own Home-Based Side-Hustle Business

There is nothing more satisfying than working in the comfort of your home. When things become mundane and you get fed up with your humdrum 9 to 5 office routine, giving a thought to home-based side business is worth to ponder. However, it needs a lot of courage and determination to move further with the idea and remain firm. The foremost question that arises is how to kick start a home-based business and from where Read More

Freshen Your Breath While On The Go!

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. #ad #sponsored #UnleashYourClean #CollectiveBias Are you constantly on-the-go, finding yourself with little time to freshen your breath? Listerine® has you covered, with new Listerine® Ready! Tabs®  – convenient tablets that transform from a solid to a liquid in just three easy steps: CHEW for at least 10 seconds to activate the tablet and transform into a liquid. SWISH for 30 seconds for a whole Read More