Celebrating Goosebumps 2 With Gummy Bear Snacks

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #CollectiveBias #NewMovieNightTraditions The kids and I really enjoy going to the movies at our local theater, however with three kids this can be quite a costly adventure after paying admission and getting everyone snacks. We typically spend around $100 when we go to the movies and I have decided to find ways to enjoy movie time at a Read More

The Best Valentine’s Day Crafts For Kids

Letters came home last week from both of my children’s teachers in regards to their Valentine’s Day parties and I am anxious to start crafting with the kids! After searching the internet and sorting through hundreds of posts on Pinterest, I have gathered some of the best Valentines Day kid crafts on the internet! This is a mixture of simple and more advance crafts suitable for children of all ages. I have had so much Read More

Holistic Approach to Health Problems

In the world, many people experience much in various pain relieving ailments to get rid of uncontrollable pain in the body. Do you worry and looking to solve pain? Now, you can simply solve the issues in a natural way with the CBD oil nature ingredients. Those who experienced with the oil check out their reviews and what they express about the product. Ingredients of CBD oil:- Those people who want to enjoy the remaining Read More

It’s Baby Shower Time! 4 Things to Splurge on & 4 Ways to Save

After a daunting nine months of pregnancy, comes the most exciting and stressful part – the birthing. But a few weeks before your due date comes a celebration like no other. It is a party but without beer and loud music, only sheer bliss, gifts, thankfulness, and warmth – baby shower. A baby shower is a celebratory event held for an expecting mother usually in their third trimester. This occasion can be traced back in Read More

Save Money In 2019

It’s finally the new year, and that means there’s no better time than any to make changes in order to live better, and perhaps even that little bit easier. One of the biggest stresses in life, is money problems. It’s something that tends to creep up on you one step at a time, and then all of a sudden you find yourself way in over your head and unsure how to make things better so Read More

How To Diversify Your Income & Earn More Money

Becoming a mom is one of the most beautiful and exciting experiences a woman can ever experience, taking you on a journey of love, compassion, joyfulness and exploration. Although being alone on this journey, without the father’s support, does come with extra responsibilities, it is also an empowering thing that can help you discover your strengths and prove that it doesn’t always take two to grow healthy, intelligent, well-behaved children. Single moms are role models Read More

7 Ways to Make Your House Smell Absolutely Wonderful

The human sense of smell has a powerful connection to emotion and state of mind. If you’ve ever walked into your favorite restaurant and noticed your mouth start to water, or if the smell of fresh baked bread dominates your memories of Grandma’s house, you’ve experienced this powerful connection. You can recreate the same powerful connection in your home and leave a lasting impression with family and visitors with just a few little tricks. Below Read More

Buying Presents For Him

Where presents are concerned, it has often been said that it is much better to give, than it is to receive, though most of us do enjoy being given something from our friends, family or work associates from time to time. Being given a gift, reminds us that we are appreciated, though all too often where the male is concerned getting a product he will truly appreciate can be pretty tough. Men after all tend Read More

Smashers Series 2 Gross Unboxing

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of ZURU. All opinions are 100% mine. We have been fans of Smashers in our house for awhile now, but were thrilled to discover the all new Smashers Series 2 – Gross! Smashers are the latest collectible toys from ZURU that kids are sure to love! The innovative Smashball puts the action right in your hands.  What’s inside the new series of Smashers Smashballs? Just throw Read More

Explore: The Best Your Airport Has To Offer!

If you’re anything like the average Jo or Jolene, you’ll probably associate airports with stress, annoyance and more security than Fort Knox. But let’s put a pin in that thought process. Many business people fly across the globe every day, and they manage to find spaces to lounge, relax and unwind in the airport. These are the cool and laidback cats you should keep an eye on if you want to reach a Zen-like state Read More

Tips for Protecting Your Eyes When Using the Computer

Working on a computer is a norm for most people in the corporate workplace all over the world. In most cases, they spend the entire day looking at the computer screen that produces light which strains the eyes due to long-term use. If you use computers for long periods, it is vital that you protect your eyes to avoid permanent damage.  Harmful effects of light from computers Majority of people get exposed to blue light Read More

DIY Travel Snack Kit For Kids

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #WinWinSnacksPublix #CollectiveBias If there is one bit of advice this experienced mom traveler can give, it is to make sure you always have plenty of snacks for on the road. Having plenty of snacks to last the entire trip is going to save you both time and some sanity. Not only to you avoid the dreaded stops to Read More