It’s Never Too Early For Your Child To Use Their Imagination!

This post is sponsored by FXSwede. All comments and opinions are my own. You would think with baby number four that I would be use to all of the milestones and growth when it comes to my baby… but it never ever gets old watching your baby discover and learn new things! Something my ten month old has really started picking up on lately is actually playing with her siblings. Peek-a-boo… hide and seek… mimicking sounds we Read More

How We’re Keeping Our Immune System’s Strong This Winter

I received this product for free from Moms Meet ( to use and post my honest opinions. Compensation for this post was provided and this page may contain affiliate links. As a mother of four I know all too well how difficult it can be (no matter how many precautions we take) to keep the germs away and keep everyone healthy during the winter months. The one sure way I have found to not only Read More

Baby Bedtime Routine

This post is sponsored by Sivan Social. All comments and opinions are my own. Your baby goes through many changes throughout their first year of life and trying to find a solid routine when it comes to a bedtime can be difficult. Something I have learned since having my fourth baby is that each child is so very different and they do not all take to bedtime routines. One sure thing that I have found Read More

Your Pet’s Health Essentials Delivered Right To Your Door!

I received this product for free from My Pet Defense to use and post my honest opinions. Compensation for this post was provided and this page may contain affiliate links. I know it has been awhile since you guys have seen this adorable four legged pup on the blog, but ever since we welcomed baby number four last October… life has never been so busy! Thankfully Duke is overall a laid back and go with the flow Read More

When Should You Start Reading To Your Baby?

I received this product for free from Moms Meet ( to use and post my honest opinions. Compensation for this post was provided and this page may contain affiliate links. We are told all the time by our baby’s pediatrician that it is never to early to start reading to your baby, which can often leave us wonder why it is so important to start reading to your baby. What actually are the benefits to Read More

Natural Wood Baby Play Gym From Bitty Baby Workshop

Something I have learned from having four babies is that it doesn’t take very much to entertain them! I remember being a new mom and feeling so incredibly lost in the baby aisles, confused by which toys were best for my new baby. I wish so very much that I could go back and tell the new mom in me that babies don’t need very much when it comes to toys. Those loud, flashy and over Read More

Choosing The Right Convertible Car Seat For Baby

This post is sponsored by Sivan Social. All comments and opinions are my own.  #BuyBuyBabyFaves Choosing the right car seat is probably one of the most important purchasing decisions you will make when welcoming your new baby. With so many options out there, it can often feel overwhelming when it comes to making the ultimate decision. We welcomed baby number four last October and I still found myself spending hours on the internet before she was Read More

Your Budget-Friendly Way to See Key West

Even though you’re raising a family, that doesn’t mean you need to give up your love of travel. It just means you might need to be a little more thoughtful in planning your destination and itineraries. Key West is a great place to visit when you need to get away but your bank account is reminding you that it can’t be too far! This southernmost island in the Florida Keys is an easy trip by Read More

Harnessing Solar Energy With Innovative Solar Panels

Solar energy is the result of direct heat and light from the sun’s rays. This energy has the capacity to be converted into electricity or can be used to heat substances and air, referred to as solar power. Solar fuels can also be generated from solar energy such as hydrogen. The two primary forms of solar power “technology”, photovoltaic and thermal. Photovoltaic: With this technology, a PV or semiconductor cell is used to convert the Read More

8 Pieces of Medical Equipment All Hospitals Need

How many times have you heard in the media that a patient in a hospital died due to the lack of proper equipment? It happens way too often than it should. Sadly, many hospitals all over the world run on limited medical supplies. To ensure that every patient receives proper care and has the best chances of recovering, hospitals should have a standard set of medical items at hand. Without a doubt, it would be Read More

How to Become a Successful Freelance Translator

Becoming an online translator in the world of freelancing can quite challenging, but it is certainly not impossible. There are several people that would have started with the dream of becoming successful freelance translators but, over a period of time they might have given up on their dreams because of the extremely challenging and unstable industry. If you are looking forward to becoming a successful translator in the freelancing industry, there are certain techniques that Read More

Best Messmate Bedroom Suites, TV Entertainment Units, And Dining Furniture in Perth Australia

Once upon a time. Furnishing a house may seem fun in the beginning but before you know it the bills are piling up and for some reason, you have a half a lounge suite, not enough dining chairs for your family, and you have no idea how you are going to get through this mess. It sounds dramatic, but speaking from experience and helping plenty of family members move house, I’ve seen my fair share Read More

Get Rid of Problems with Your Microsoft MS-100 Exam Preparation by Using These Study Hacks and Practice Tests

Introduction Are you anxious about your preparation for the Microsoft MS-100 exam? Do you feel like you’re not sure where to start and which revision materials to use? No time to worry because this post gives you study hacks that will ensure your current dilemma is dealt with. But first, let’s remember some crucial details of this assessment and the whole path you should complete to get accredited. MS-100 Exam Overview Test MS-100 was Read More

5 Ways to Lower Your Energy Bills this Winter

During winter, it’s easy for your energy bills to soar with the increased use of heating and hot water. But actually, you may not need to spend as much as you think. According to Choose Energy, 20% of home energy, which amounts to around $400 per household, is wasted each year. It may seem a little early to contemplate your winter energy bills, but it’s better to prepare in advance before the dark mornings and Read More

Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid When You Consider a Divorce Lawyer

When you finally decide that divorce is your only next logical and emotional step, the first thing you should do is look for a family law attorney that can stay by your side through the entire process. However, finding the right lawyer is never easy. Some less ethically inclined ones will overcharge you, some may want to settle fast and be on their way, and others may direct you to an aggressive approach, so you Read More

Get Your Mojo Back At Work

We all need the magic in our personality to be at the absolute best of our capacity, whether it is talking to clients, performing daily tasks, or enjoying the work a little more than we’re supposed to. There is an inner power that makes every single person special in their own way. But at times, due to a setback or crisis, you lose that magic (mojo) and live under the illusion of never going to Read More

Blonde Hair Care Facts & Myths

Should I cut my hair every six weeks? Rinse it with cold water to make it shiny? Is it true that shampoos and conditioners for blonde hair are useless and no different from normal ones? There are many popular theories and myths on how to have strong and healthy blonde hair. Myth 1: I can colour myself into blond even without experience Of Course, you can but at the same time be ready to face Read More

How to Embroider a T-shirt

Embroidery is a quick and fun way to add an elegant touch to your t-shirt. With some basic embroidery skills, you can give your t-shirt a touch of your creativity using simple yet standout patterns. You can also try out pre-loaded machine embroidery designs if you don’t have any in mind.  The best thing about embroidering a t-shirt is that it works for various materials and sizes, including stretchable ones. If you have tried embroidering Read More

What’s So Great About Vinyl Replacement Windows?

You’ve been thinking about replacing those old windows with new ones. One of the choices you’ll need to make is what type of materials will be used for the replacements. Many homeowners can attest to the quality of PVC vinyl windows. Here are some of the benefits of PVC windows that illustrate why this is such a smart financial investment. They’re Durable Ideally, you want windows that will not have to be replaced again in Read More