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Ah Goo Baby Grab-and-Go Bag & The Wipes Case Review

A special thanks to Ah Goo Baby for providing free products for reviewing purposes!

About ah goo baby

Ah Goo Baby® prides itself in creating solutions that resolve daily frustrations while caring for our children – both in the home and on-the-go.  Our products are unique and smart, yet incredibly functional…and of course, always priced appealingly.  Our line has grown substantially over the past year, touching on many of the bases in our effort to make our customers’ lives with their little ones more carefree.  We strive to always innovate new products that flow naturally with the rest of our line.  Our consistent, custom packaging design and coordinated, stylish patterns provide continuity that merchandises attractively at retail.  The result is a suite of products that look great and simply make sense for today’s modern parents and their gift-givers.  
Enjoy getting to know our line!”

Products Reviewed

Grab-and-Go Bag

Grab-and-Go Bag Bullet Image

“Good things come in small packages! This compact diaper bag is packed with as many features as you’d find in bags twice its size, and you’ll love its tiny little price. Cleverly designed to maximize space, with two insulated side pockets, two adjustable, vertically stacked compartments, and smaller organizer pockets inside and out. How cool: the main compartment has a “floating floor,” so you can change its depth (or that of the waterproof compartment below) depending on what you’re carrying. With a quick magnetic closure, adjustable, padded messenger strap, and stroller rings. A breeze to clean: the anti-microbial interior pulls completely out and the entire diaper bag is machine washable!”

The Wipes Case

“The Wipes Case by Ah Goo Baby® is a great way to carry your wet wipes in style!  The easy snap lid keeps wipes moist and ready for any mess, and makes it easy to open in a flash.”

*Fits easily in any diaper bag and can be refilled with any brand of wipes.
*Doubles as the perfect case for crayons, pencils, and markers.
*Use for beyond the changing years for messy faces and sticky hands.
*Matching patterns that coordinate with all Ah Goo Baby® product lines.
*Great gift for the expectant mom!
*Non-toxic and BPA-free PVC and fabrics.

My Review

 Having a convenient on the go bag is essential for those situations when you must rush out the door. It’s always great to have a bag that is easy to carry when spending the day out with the children. It’s rare to find a bag that allows you to carry all the items you need for the day and doesn’t cause your shoulder discomfort. The Grab-and-Go Bag was designed perfectly so that both of those important features were included. I decided to put this bag to the ultimate test and bring it along with me on an adventure with the children. We drove an hour from our home to visit a pumpkin patch/park. Since we were so far from home, I made sure to pack snacks, drinks, change of clothes, spare change, sunblock, wipes and a few other small items. With so many pockets and departments in this bag, everything fit just comfortably! Once we arrived at the pumpkin patch, I concluded that it would be much easier to just bring the Grab-and-Go Bag and leave my purse in the trunk, so I added more items to the bag, such as my wallet. Over my shoulder the bag went and off the children ran. We spent the entire day there and I must tell you, this bag was a lifesaver! It stays so comfortably on my shoulder and didn’t cause me a single ounce of pain or discomfort. I love that it has a magnetic flap to open and shut the main part of the bag, that made it so easy for my children to just run up to me and grab a snack out of the bag. Did I mention that The Wipe Case made the trip with us that day? You can only imagine how many times we had to pull that out during our trip to the pumpkin patch. These two items are the perfect pair and made our trip less stressful that day… I am so happy to have discovered such great products!

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