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21 Bundles Subscription Box Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

A special thanks to 21 Bundles for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with a product for free in exchange for an honest review!

21 Bundles Subscription Box Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

What is 21 Bundles

“21 Bundles is a service that sends baby-safe products to expecting and new parents every month. We tailor your bundle to your specific stage of pregnancy and new parenthood. A 7 months pregnant bundle will be packed with different goodies than the 3 months old bundle. We’ve go you covered during the 9 months of your pregnancy and 12 months of your babies first year. 9 + 12 = 21, get it?”

21 Bundles Subscription Box Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

 My Review

Subscription boxes are absolutely the best way to discover new products that you have never heard of. I can not begin to tell you how many products I have been introduced to through subscription box services and continue to purchase/use them to this very today. I recently discovered a unique and exciting subscription box service that provides a total of 21 boxes for your nine months of pregnancy and your baby’s first twelve months of life. Is that not the most genius idea for a subscription box service? I had the opportunity to review a box from 21 Bundles that is specifically for baby’s first month and as you can see, it was packed full of goodies! Not only did it include some amazing and high quality items for baby, but it also contained items for mom as well.

21 Bundles Subscription Box Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

This box contained some great samples for laundry detergent, as well as skin care products for mom. I am always seeing moms on facebook posting pictures of their new baby with those monthly stickers on the front of their onesies. This is a brand new trend that I have seen become quite popular this year and something I am was really looking forward to doing with my baby girl when she is born. I was so extremely delighted to see some baby onesie stickers included in the box and can not wait to do this with my baby!

21 Bundles Subscription Box Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

The three samples above are absolutely perfect for the first month with a new baby and address several issues that can arise during that time. Keeping baby’s skin healthy and rash free is a job in it’s own, so it was great to receive some products that will make it easier to deal with. The first month is also a time where nursing mother’s and their new baby are learning together how to comfortably and effectively nurse… pain free! Through trial and error, mom can get a bit soar and the nipple cream is a must have during that first month of nursing. I was happy to discover that they sent not just a sample, but a full size container of nipple cream! If you have ever shopped for this, then you know it can be quite pricey so it was really nice to see that 21 Bundles was generous enough to send a full size container! In fact, they will always send at least 3-6 full size products in each box, which is really fantastic!

21 Bundles Subscription Box Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

I am already a huge fan of Earth Mama Angel Baby and was very happy to see their products included in the box, especially since they were products that I had not yet tried. Their shampoo and body washes are amazing and I am looking forward to using this one with the new baby. Once again, as a mom that has nursed two kids and plans to nurse my third, I was grateful that there was some milkmaid tea. Things have really changed since my first child and the support and amount of products available for nursing moms has increased greatly.

21 Bundles Subscription Box Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

 You can never have too many wash cloths with a new baby and I personally use them all of the time with my babies (not just for bath time). This was a very nice wash cloth, extremely soft and the perfect thickness. Many wash cloths tend to get worn out fast and begin to unravel around the edges. I can tell already that this one is not going to do any of those things and will be one that will last through many baths and cleanups!

21 Bundles Subscription Box Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

 I am that crazy mom that sanitizes the table before we sit down at a restaurant and the mom that makes her kids sanitize/wash hands when we leave public places. So you can only imagine how excited I was to see some pacifier wipes included in my box, they will defiantly be of use to me and are perfect to carry in the diaper bag.

The last item I received in my 21 Bundles box was this amazing and incredibly soft onesie! Not only can I use this with the stickers that were included in the box, but it has so many unique features that normal onesies do not. This onesie buttons down the side so that you don’t have to pull it over baby’s head and it allows a more comfortable fit. It also has the little folds on the sleeves so that you can fold them over baby’s hands. I adore onesies that include this because babies are always scratching their faces and this is a great way to solve that. The fabric is also incredibly soft and perfect for a newborn’s new delicate skin, I can not wait to have my new baby wear this!

Overall I am 100% pleased with the 21 Bundles subscription box service and was both surprised and amazed by the amount of items included in it. I discovered a great amount of products for my baby and I during our first month together that will be very useful. I could not think of a more prefect way to be introduced to must have products during my nine months of pregnancy and the first twelve months of my child’s life… this is just simply an amazing service and I highly recommend it!

21 Bundles Subscription Box Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)


You can get 25% off your first bundle when ordering the month to month plan by using the coupon code ‘FRUGALMOMMY’ at checkout. 

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36 thoughts on “21 Bundles Subscription Box Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

  1. I think this is so cool!! With all the different boxes be it makeup or male things i think this is just awesome! I am having a baby girl at the end of August and I would be one happy mommy!! They didn’t have this with my other 2 or i didn’t know so i love being a 3 time mama but learning something new!! Thank you so much!!!

  2. I like this idea. There are so many companies that offer toddler/kid activity boxes but very few that offer the mother needed items for a new baby. It would be nice to have these sorts of things on hand rather then finding out you need them and then having to run out to the store last minute.

  3. I liked the items in the subscription box. This would make a wonderful gift for a new mom. She would certainly appreciate it as a shower gift.

  4. What a neat why to try new products. And it gives you something to look forward to other then bills in the mail.

  5. What a cool idea. These are full of nice items and I’m gonna be a grandma soon. So, what a great gift idea.

  6. I would choose the 9 months pregnant box for a nice little treat before the little one gets here.

  7. 21 Bundles is such a fun idea! I like that the boxes are specially tailored to what you and your baby will need each month.

  8. these bundles look awesome, perfect for new mothers who don’t quite know what to expect. you get a lot too!!!

  9. It’s neat that they have products that you have not even heard about…I mean, when I started to follow mommy blogs, I had NO idea about more than half of the products that are our there for mommies and babies. I like how they will send full sized things also…not many will do that. We had pacifier wipes for a short time…when i read the ingredients of ours there really wasnt anything to sanitize/disinfect so we just carried around a small travel size of soap and would go to the bathroom to actually wash the pacifier. Was it a pain? A little but at least i knew that i was actually getting the germs off of it.

  10. what a wonderful ideas for new mom, and love that you can order at different stages 🙂 thanks

  11. I love all the different products featured in this box. So many great brands! I’ve been dying to try the Motherlove Trush ointment!

  12. It looks like a lot of neat stuff packed into one little box! This would be an excellent gift for my daughter who just birthed her son on 4-10 though she is not nursing anymore she couldn’t hang.

  13. I love that this is monthly. It gives you something to look forward to. I like being able to try new products before buying them and this is a cheaper way to do that.

  14. This monthly subscription box is awesome! I am really loving how many subscription box services have been coming out lately, and this is definitely one of the best ones I’ve seen so far! I really like how each box is specialized to each month of pregnancy and each month after baby is born, up to 12 months. This is a great service to new moms, as well as experienced ones! There are so many new products out there, and this is a fantastic way to discover them…as well as enjoy a nice surprise package every month!

  15. I love how this box is carefully tailored to the subscriber’s specific stage of pregnancy and parenthood. i have gotten subscription boxes that were just thrown together and included a bunch of stuff that i didn’t need. however, based on your review. i think i would use everything in my 21 Bundle Box! I am already obsessed with some of the brands that were included in your box (Earth Mama/Angel Baby, Motherlove) so I have a feeling that I would really like the other brands as well. Thank you for your review!

  16. This looks awesome! I feel like I am missing out already! I love how they are tailored to where you are in your pregnancy or how old your baby is.

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