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10 Budget-friendly Gift Ideas For The Nature Lover

Gifts are a great way to let your loved ones know you appreciate them, whether it’s on a special occasion or an ordinary day. About 69% of people in a survey admitted that they’d prefer not to give gifts because they weren’t sure what to get. Although it can be pretty challenging to find the perfect gift, knowing their hobbies or preferences can make things easier for you. If your loved one is an outdoor person or appreciates nature, here are some affordable options worth considering to let them know you care.


  • A campfire mug


A mug with your loved one’s favorite quote on nature is a great gift that will prove helpful to them. They can enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea while relaxing outside and savoring the sights nature has to offer. They can also pack it along whenever they’re heading out for a road or camping trip, so it comes in handy when they need to have breakfast or take a long sip of water. It is easy to carry a campfire mug anywhere due to its versatile nature, including its clip-on handle.


  • Flowers


Flowers are another thoughtful gift worth considering and can provide your recipient with many natural benefits. Alternatively, you can get them some flower seeds, so they plant them on their own and enjoy the journey from cultivation to growth. Aside from adding some color to their interior, it’ll also give their home a fresh scent, and the time spent caring for them will help occupy your loved one with an activity they love most, caring for nature. If you want to get them some flowers just in time for a special occasion, delivery by Teleflora network can make it easier for you after making your order from a local florist.


  • A picnic blanket


This gift will allow your loved one to spend some quality time outdoors and breathe in some fresh air, whether on their own or with family and friends. Because it’s large, the user can lie comfortably on it to enjoy some sunlight or spread out some home-cooked meals to share with their loved ones for a memorable day out. The picnic blanket will pair well with some colorful, nature-themed throw pillows if you want to add something extra.


  • A dry sack


Also known as a dry bag, this gift is a must-have for anyone who loves outdoor activities like kayaking or hiking. It helps protect your nature lover’s items when they’re doing their favorite hobby due to its waterproof nature, so they don’t have to worry whether their valuable items are safe. It also offers a lot of space, making it convenient for your loved ones to store their items without fear of losing them. They come in various sizes, from 5 liters to 30 liters.


  • Nature wall art


This keepsake is a thoughtful gift that will make your nature enthusiast smile. You can quickly get some on online platforms such as Etsy at affordable prices without compromising the quality. These colorful art pieces will be a great addition to your loved one’s interior décor and capture some of their best-loved parts of nature, such as mountains, flowers, water bodies, trees, the sunset, etc.  


  • A camping journal


One exciting thing about nature is the opportunity it gives you to sit back and reflect. A camping journal is a great way to store your thoughts and will help make your loved one’s outdoor adventure even more memorable as they’ll be able to record significant moments and plan their trips. This item is an even better gift if your recipients aren’t only nature lovers but love to write too.  


  • Inflatable lounger


If the gift recipient loves swimming, going to the beach, or just lounging by the lake or their backyard pool, an inflatable lounger is an ideal gift for them. It’s a hybrid between an inflatable hammock and chair, making it very convenient to have and portable as well. It comes in different bright colors, giving you a wide variety to choose from.  


  • A pack of hiking t-shirts


Hiking is a great outdoor activity, but it’s essential to prepare adequately before the climb. Some comfy t-shirts will be a great plus to your loved one’s hiking items to help keep them warm and cozy during their journey. You can add a fun twist by customizing it either with their name or an exciting hiking joke. They can equally use it for any camping or outdoor trip, paired with their favorite jeans and outdoor boots.


  • A straw water filter


Drinking lots of water is essential during outdoor activities, making a straw water filter an excellent gift for the nature lover. Having one provides them with a short-term alternative that will help them stay hydrated even when they run out of water from their water bottle. This item enables them to drink water directly from any available water source when they’re outdoors. The straw water filter cleanses water, making it clean enough for them to drink without worrying about contamination.


  •  A head torch


Safety is a priority no matter the outdoor activity, whether it’s a night run, camping, or hiking trip, or even reading a map outside at night. An LED head torch is a more durable alternative to a phone torch, as a phone’s battery could die at any time, leaving your loved one stranded if they’re unable to charge them. This gift will not only make your nature lover’s activities safer but will also put your mind at ease knowing that they have enough light to keep them safe during their adventures. The head torch usually comes with batteries, so your loved one can pack more than one to stay safe throughout their outdoor experience.

These affordable and practical gifts will help encourage your nature lover’s lifestyle no matter the outdoor activity and come in handy for them for a very long time. Additionally, these gifts will let your loved ones know that their interests matter to you, and they’ll have some incredible memories with nature that will always bring you to mind thanks to your gift. 

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