Get Views For Your Photography & Make Money

Whether you create photography for a living or as part of a hobby, you will want to get more views! After all, more views = more opportunities = more money! If you are struggling to get the numbers you had hoped for, don’t panic. There are plenty of different ways that you can increase your photography views online, and we are going to take you through some of the best options in this post. You could also look into the amount of money that can be made if you choose to sell feet photos online.


  • Sign up for a photo-sharing website – There is no denying that the best way to increase your photography views is by signing up for a photo-sharing website. With platforms like this, there is a ready-made audience that is ready and waiting to view the work you produce. You will be able to get your photographs in front of a highly engaged group of people who are actively looking for beautiful and striking images. This, therefore, presents you with one of the best ways of quickly increasing your photography views so that you can experience fast results. Plus, you can increase your bottom line in the process, as you will be able to earn money by sharing your photographs. This could give your photography business the kickstart it needs. Whether you’re looking into probate loans to buy a house or you want to go on vacation, this could help!
  • Use social media to get the word out – Another way that you can increase the number of views that you get is by using social media. There are many different social media websites that are available today, but you need to focus on those that are image-based, like Instagram and Pinterest. Social media can be incredibly powerful, but you need to use it effectively. This means clever use of hashtags, as well as posting on a consistent basis. Consistency is key for these platforms. If you post several images per day and then you don’t post for a few weeks, your followers will lose interest. 
  • Create a photography blog – Another way that you can get more views for your photography is by creating a blog. Not only does a blog give you a great way of showcasing your photographs, but you can also create compelling content about the subject. You can talk about the images you have captured, as well as explaining the process you follow as a photography and talking about subjects of interest, such as photography trends. This is a great way of showing your creative prowess and your authority in the industry. Plus, this will work wonders from a SEO perspective, helping you to climb those all-important search engine result pages and drive more traffic to your photography website.
  • Network with other photographers and related professionals – Another suggestion when it comes to getting more views online is to network with other photographers and professionals in the industry. You will be able to build-up connections and relationships that are mutually beneficial. For example, you could advertise each other’s work or you could run a competition together. Networking is key in all industries, and photography is no different. You can also look for related businesses. For example, if you are a travel photographer, connect with travel blogs and ask if you can write a piece for them. It is all about getting in front of the right audience. 


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