What You Need To Create The Perfect Office Space

I have seen many companies take great strides in creating a thriving office environment for their employees. There are so many simple ways to upgrade your companies office space so that your employees feel at home, happy and comfortable. Here are a handful of ways to create the perfect office space:

Bright Décor

When it comes to decorating the space, it’s a good idea to go for something light or bright. Dark rooms can quickly begin to make you feel tired and down, especially if there is not much natural light coming through. While a dark room might be great for a cozy living room or bedroom, you will want your office to be as light and airy as possible. Consider using neutral colors and some splashes of color around the room. A brightly colored room brings out a more positive and sunny disposition upon people. Rooms in darker colors such as blue, purple, or grey are often less enlightening in that respect. However, those colors can trigger other emotional responses such as an increased level of concentration that are also important when discussing productivity.

You also want it to be a space that your employees are proud to work in. My husband’s company recently did a complete renovation of their office building and I was blown away by the results. Gone are the days of white rooms full of cubicles, the workforce is really changing their outlook on office set ups. They are being designed to be like a home away from home, a place that you can feel comfortable and productive. 

A great way to make your office stand out and be a place that your employees walk into with pride is a cast bronze plaque that proudly displays the great company that they work for. East Point Foundry has been hand crafting solid cast bronze and aluminum plaques for decades. Each plaque that they produce is custom designed, carefully constructed and inspected for quality. From initial design to shipping, each commission is produced in-house using the traditional sand casting method.

What You Need To Create The Perfect Office Space

They offer a wide variety of design options including customizable borders, textures, colors, texts and sizes. Whether simple or detailed, historical or contemporary, East Point Foundry can create the plaque to meet your company’s needs.  I have spent some time looking at their previous work and am amazed at the quality and beauty of their plaques. They have done work for some big names in Georgia and have great reviews from their customers. 

What You Need To Create The Perfect Office SpaceLet the Light In 

Whether you get a lot of natural light into the room or the window is quite small, it’s important to spend some time considering if there’s anything that you can do to brighten the room up. Studies show that people who have a lot of natural light in the space at work tend to be happier and productive than those who do not. In addition to an open window or airy window coverings that let the light in, consider adding strategically placed lamps and spotlights to brighten the room up even more. 

Get Ergonomic Furniture

Ergonomic furniture is an ideal choice since it’s designed to provide you with ultimate support and ensure that you don’t end up with aches and pains while working throughout the day. You might want to try a sit-stand desk to encourage you to spend more time on your feet if your work normally consists of sitting in front of a laptop.

Storage and Convenience

Finally, you will want to have ample storage space to keep your office space neat and tidy, and make it as convenient as possible for you to get what you need. Desks with built-in storage are an ideal choice for this or you might want to consider building storage that doubles up as décor into the walls to make the most of the vertical space if your office is on the smaller side.

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