Your travel checklist made easy

Your travel checklist made easy Going on holiday this summer? Planning a weekend escape? Or are you planning to find yourself on the trip of a lifetime? Whether you’re going to be scaling a mountain, heading across the country to a holiday park with the kids, or heading to the beach with your friends it’s important to be ready for any and every eventuality.

But where to begin? If you’re like me then you’ll love all the planning, list making and everything that comes with planning time away from home – but if you’re unsure of where to begin then take a look at these hints and tips to get you started. Happy Vacation! 

Your holiday insurance

Let’s get the boring things out of the way first! No one likes finding or planning insurance, whether it’s home, car, life or even pet insurance – it’s something we all have to have should the worst case scenario happen. So if you’re heading out on holiday it’s crucial that you look into travel insurance. There are absolutely thousands of providers out there, most of whom are very competitive and cover many eventualities. Take a look at for medical travel insurance, or take a look at a comparison site to get the latest prices.

Check your passports!

I know what you’re thinking – my passport is fine and up to date. But, is it? When was the last time you actually looked at your passport? Whatever you do, don’t decide to look inside your passport for the first time in a year when you’re on your way to the airport, or stepping up to the check-in desk…! That’s a sure fire way to ruin a well planned holiday.

If you know your passport needs updating, replacing or if indeed you need to apply for passports for your children or other family members then don’t delay. The most sensible advice? Don’t even book a holiday until you know you have your passports ready; you cannot predict how busy the passport service will be, or how delayed it will be in processing your applications. Be sensible and get it sorted now!

Secure your house

You may be one of the thousands of holidaymakers who think that all they need to do when they head off on holiday is to simply lock the front door and forget about their life back home for a week or two. But you could be wrong.

Before you leave – preferably well before you set off, ensure that all your windows and doors, garages and sheds are locked and properly secured. If they’re not and you come back to a break in, you may have invalidated your contents insurance! If you have things like laptops, computers, tablets and other high end electrical items then ensure that they are locked out of sight and not visible through a window. Don’t give an opportunist a reason to try their luck!

If you want to go a step further, let your neighbours know that you’ll be away for a period of time and see if they can keep an eye on your property while you’re gone.

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